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Wild Flour Banff

One thing I wasn’t prepared for in Banff was the Aussies. You’ll laugh at this, because I’m Australian.

But they were everywhere. You’d think you were in Thredbo or the Snowies, not in Canada. And not only were they prolific, they were ocker as, mate.

Accents are a funny thing. A lot of people in Canada and America can’t pick mine unless they are close to Australians or have visited Australia. I get Are you from: England, New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland? Scotland was a bit of a shock!. But rarely do I get Australian.

Travelling through America, we figured out that this was because lots of people had a very distinct idea of Australian accents from television. If you don’t sound like Steve Irwin or Crocodile Dundee, you don’t sound Australian to many people. And North Nomad has explained that my family and many of my friends sound like what he calls “BBC English”. This made sense to me after I was watching some 70s Dr. Who one day and said to North Nomad “Why do these English people all sound like me???”

So being in Banff was a surprising reverse culture shock. I was surrounded by all these Aussies with really thick accents. Lots of “mates” and “how’s it goings” and kind of relaxed service, with not a huge focus on the service part.

I found myself at Wild Flour one day while I couldn’t find anything without dairy to eat at Second Cup. I was eyeing off Second Cup’s veggie rolls, but the lady told me with a hint of sadness she couldn’t guarantee there was no milk in it.

Wild Flour is an artisanal bakers in Banff, with a good sized café section and a nice outdoor seating area for the warmer months. They pride themselves on handcrafting their bread which has a long fermentation period. Their ingredients are natural and locally sourced, where possible. And they offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options as well as your “normal” foods.

It sounded fantastic, so how did it shape up?

I visited twice. On the first occasion, I had the baby kale salad, and a slice of the vegan chocolate cake.

Wild Flour Cafe - Vegan Chocolate Cake - North & South Nomads

The kale salad was just how a kale salad should be. Using baby kale avoided the bitterness of standard kale. Cranberries and cherry tomatoes gave it a nice bite and contrast of texture. And the salad was covered in a deliciously creamy vegan dressing, reminiscent of a vegan caesar dressing.

And the chocolate cake slice was a thing of beauty. It was rich, moist, and decadent. When a vegan cake tastes no different to a cake with eggs, butter, and milk, you know it’s done well and with good quality ingredients.

On my second visit, I had to have a piece of that cake again. But sadly the kale salad wasn’t on display. There was a quinoa one instead. I love quinoa, so bought that. And it was a little underwhelming. It tasted like cold quinoa with a little bit of shredded carrot and a tiny whiff of mint. Lucky I had the cake as a chaser, or I would have been disappointed.

However… I took the rest of my quinoa salad home. I really hate waste, and was determined to eat it. So I heated it up and squeezed lemon juice over it. Voila – it tasted amazing like this! So maybe they need to serve this heated up with a bit more seasoning.

Wild Flour Cafe Banff - Quinoa Salad - North & South Nomads

On both occasions I was a little disappointed there weren’t any vegan sandwiches or pastries available. All the veggie offerings had dairy in them, so I couldn’t have them. I think they must sell out early on in the day.

And if you’re a happy omnivore, there is a whole menu you can choose from: buttery, flaky croissants, chicken samosa wraps, pulled pork sandwiches, brownies, muffins. And I’d be remiss to mention that they also do “real” cofffe!

Website: http://www.wildflourbakery.ca/

Location: 101, 211 Bear Street, The Bison Courtyard, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Getting There: Downtown Banff is so tiny it’s impossible to get lost. But just in case – it’s parallel to Banff Ave, you can’t miss it.

Opening Hours: 7am to 6pm

Contact details: manager@wildflourbakery.ca telephone: 403 760 5074

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