uTalk Language Application Premium Giveaway!

uTalk Language Application Premium Giveaway!

Last Monday, we reviewed a pretty nifty new iPhone and iPad app from Eurotalk called uTalk.

If learning languages is a hobby of yours, or you’re travelling to another country where English is the second language, you will love the uTalk application.

As mentioned in our review, the EuroTalk company is a leader in the language education field, and did extensive research to find a fun way to get languages to stick in your brain (yes, they have a technical way of describing this – this is my lay person’s way of describing it!).

The interactive app helps you memorise the language with fun games and native speaker voices. It certainly helped me get my intonation correct with Thai. Apparently when I’ve been saying  “excuse me” in crowds, I’ve been saying something akin to fried food kho tod , rather than the actual excuse me or sorry, which is closer to kho tode. Intonation can be key to being understood!

After a popular review, we’ve partnered with EuroTalk to give away three Premium codes for their uTalk application. You get to choose the language of your choice, out of 113 languages they offer.

Please note, you will need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the following requirements:

Device Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

The giveaway will run for two weeks, conditions below.

Good luck! ?

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Conditions of Entry 

1. Eurotalk Ltd 2015 (EuroTalk) is giving away three Premium codes for their language application uTalk (the prize). 
2. By entering this competition, you:
a. agree to follow these rules and be bound by them.
b. give your consent for North & South Nomads to give your name, address, email address, phone number and/or any other information required to contact you to Eurotalk (or its employees or agents) for communications relating to the prize.
3. Anyone in the world is eligible for entry, on the condition that they have the hardware and software required to operate the prize. The prize is limited to one premium code per winner, for one language of their choice. 
4. Each of the following may result in prize forfeiture: failure to correctly complete any information required for the competition, behaving in a fraudulent, offensive or other manner which is deemed in North & South Nomads’ sole and absolute discretion to be against the spirit of the competition, being found to be ineligible for the competition in accordance with these rules, or having the prize notification returned. 
5. The prize has no monetary value and cannot be substituted or transferred. 
6. While Rafflecopter is used to randomly assign the winner, the final decision (in accordance with these rules) is at the absolute discretion of North & South Nomads. 
7. This competition is open for 14 days, and the winner will be announced on 13 April 2015. After announcing the winner on the blog, either Eurotalk or North & South Nomads will email the winner with the prize notification and premium code. 

23 thoughts on “uTalk Language Application Premium Giveaway!

  1. Ok I battled with the raffle copter and I think I’ve entered!! I’d love to win because being able to speak Khmer would be very helpful for life in Cambodia!

  2. simple – Spanish ! I’ve been trying to learn this language for so many years and the older I get the more time it consumes and I just need a game to play and learn that way! My dream is going to Peru and Chile and hey, I need to speak Spanish!

  3. This is such an amazing app. If I were to win I would definitely choose the language Spanish because I know it would take my even further on my nursing degree that I am going to pursue. I think it’s great to know a second language especially in the medical field!

  4. As much as I should brush up on my Mandarin + Cantonese, I’d have to go with Spanish! It’d be so helpful for communicating with my potential future patient populations!!

  5. I would choose Spanish, since it would be a definite plus for me as an educator and future administrator to be able to speak Spanish when I return to Florida, though I really need some help with my Dutch since I’m currently living in the Netherlands!

  6. I really want to be able to study Cantonese so I can watch Cantonese films – I have no idea what they are saying as it’s so completely different to Mandarin!

  7. I would totally learn some Icelandic for our upcoming trip! Right now I’m trying to learn German and French with the Duolingo app but they don’t have nearly as many language options as this app does!

  8. Looks like the code giveaway is over… I’ll check it out anyway. Gotta learn Italian before I go to Milan in June. What is special about it that separates it from other language learning apps? Doulingo for example?

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