Updated: Sadie’s Diner Toronto

Updated: Sadie’s Diner Toronto 

Sadly, Sadie’s Diner closed after we moved back to Australia! I wish I’d had those perogies one more time…


Sadie's Diner Toronto - deep fried tofu

I have a mild obsession with fried tofu.

Golden, nuggety chunks of tofu, fried lightly in oil are indeed a thing of beauty.

Any time I post photos on social media of fried tofu, even the most hardcore of my meat-eating friends comment on how delicious it looks. Even my Irish born father who loves his meat thinks fried tofu is delicious!

I’d been to Sadie’s Diner on Adelaide Street West in Toronto previously and had a seriously satisfying vegan greasy spoon diner experience.  On that occasion, I’d noticed fried tofu on the menu, but hadn’t ordered it. I’d made a mental note to come back on my own to try these beauties out.

Just to balance out my day, I walked for an hour or so and went to pilates. That justifies eating plates of fried food, right? RIGHT? 😉 And Sadie’s is right around the corner from the pilates studio on Queen Street West that I go to when in Toronto, so it was just meant to happen!

If you’re not familiar with Sadie’s Diner, it’s a vegetarian and vegan friendly diner on Adelaide Street West in Toronto. It fills that wonderful gap that often exists in veggie and vegan cuisine – old fashioned comfort food, from a variety of world regions.

Because I’d done a hefty load of exercise that day, I ordered an appetizer and a main for lunch: the deep fried tofu, and the potato and onion perogies with fried onions and vegan sour cream.

Sadie's Diner Toronto - cane cola

To drink, I ordered the Cola Boylan’s Vintage Soda Pop, sweetened with cane sugar. A lot of people don’t realise this, but a lot of pop/soft drink isn’t necessarily vegan friendly, as many refined sugars use bone-char in the refining process.

The tofu arrives. It’s plentiful (I hate stingy portions) and the golden nuggets of tofu are just mouth watering. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, this is how tofu shines. It sits on a bed of mixed greens, and comes with a dark soy sauce.

The soy sauce is a nice traditional accompaniment, but I think it could benefit from some ginger, garlic, or chilli in it to give it more kick. It would also make for a nicer dressing for the greens. I know, I know, they’re meant as a garnish, but I do hate waste!

Next up is my main, the potato and onion perogies. Even though I’d been longing for the fried tofu, this was my favourite part of this meal. The pastry is delicate, almost fluffy.

Sadie's Diner Toronto - perogies

The potato and onion mix inside is delicious. Sometimes this mix can be dry, but this is done perfectly. The fried onions on top are a really nice topping, and the vegan sour cream is to die for!

Pleasantly full, I go to pay the bill. I’d convinced myself I didn’t need desert, but there’s a vegan peppermint cookie at the counter, and it beckons. I had it later that night with a cup of tea, and it was just delicious.

Another happy visit to Sadie’s Diner, under the belt.

Sadie's Diner Toronto - shakers

What’s your favourite dish at a restaurant? Do you love or hate tofu?

Website: http://www.sadiesdiner.com/

Location: 504 Adelaide Street West Toronto, ON M5V 1T5

Getting there:  It’s about a 20 minute walk from the Eaton Centre (Yonge Station) or Union Station. Or you can catch the TTC to University and walk up Queen Street West. If you drive, there is actually free parking at the diner’s premises.

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    • Ah, me too, Hannah. For some reason, no matter how many times I’ve cooked tofu, I can never get it as perfect as they do at restaurants. I’m going to do a cooking course here in Chiang Mai soon, so maybe I’ll find the secret!

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