The Larder Chiang Mai

The Larder Chiang Mai

The Larder, Chiang Mai

You know what frustrates me about you? You’re a lawyer, and so rational, and then you believe in all this…. Astrology… and woowoo shit.

One of my closest friends recently said this to me. The part that made this so funny was the look of sheer frustration on his face as he said it. It clearly did pain him trying to reconcile these two parts of my personality!

But he was dead on. One minute I’m talking about risk and liability, and the next I’m accusing something (or someone) of messing with me qi.

Even places have the ability to mess with my qi. Some of them I just don’t feel good about, and I can’t quite put my finger on why.

This little café is in that category. But before I try and analyse why it scrambles my qi, let’s have a look at the food.

The good part about The Larder is that we can both eat here. That’s the first hurdle we struggle with anywhere we go – getting meaty, North American style food for North Nomad and vegan friendly food for me.

It’s also a shady oasis in the ever oppressive heat of Chiang Mai. It feels about 10 degrees cooler in this soi than it does in Old City.

The service is friendly, and they speak excellent English so can easily answer menu questions.

I order a DIY juice creation – apple, ginger, cucumber, celery, and mint. When it comes out it’s been freshly squeezed, and it’s a nice cooling juice in the heat. North Nomad, true to form, orders a chocolate milk shake. His is quite a decadent creation, topped with a spoonful of ice cream and a tiny oreo. It doesn’t last long in front of him!

North Nomad orders one of the “sexy sandwiches”. The name is a bit cute – they’re grilled open sandwiches. Sexy because they have no top on… geddit? ? I order the beetroot and rocket salad, sans the feta cheese.

It’s a busy day, so it takes a while for our relatively simple meals to arrive. Though Western meals, they’re Thai sized portions, so I’m a bit hungry with a small veggie salad for lunch. Mine is tasty, but nothing special. It’s an ordinary salad with traditional pairings that you’d make at home.

North Nomad’s lunch is similar – it’s fine, but nothing special. A very normal sandwich you’d make at home. And we’re paying farang prices here, not Chiang Mai prices.

I should like this place. It has everything that I like. It has a cool, leafy courtyard. It has loads of tea and fresh juice choices. It has meals to appeal to both North Nomad and I.

And yet, there’s something I just can’t put my finger on. Maybe it’s the old ducks in the courtyard who chain smoke and look like they’re straight from a period drama set on a plantation in Louisiana. Maybe it’s the old retired dudes in muscle shirts with their caps turned sideways, trying to flirt with young Thai women.

Whatever it is, we’ve tried The Larder twice and despite the familiar home style cooking, the friendly service, and the nice courtyard, it gives both of us the heebie-jeebies.

Sometimes there are just those places you can’t quite get into!

Location: 3/9 Sukkasem Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand (a soi off Nimman Haeminda Rd)

Opening hours:  “Thursday till Monday 8.30-1500, kitchen closed 14.00, We closed on Tue and Wed” (taken from their Facebook page, no website available)

Contact details:  052 001 594 or

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