Recipe Wednesday: Home Made Vegetable Stock

Two things I am obsessed with when it comes to food and cooking are: i) preventing waste, and ii) making things from scratch to prevent unhealthy additives and preservatives sneaking into your food. This recipe appeals to both of my cooking obsessions. When you buy things even as simple as cubed vegetable stock, you notice […]

Recipe Wednesday: Almond Butter Cups – Delicious and Healthy Version of Peanut Butter Cups

Well, they’re as healthy as home-made Reese’s peanut butter cups can be. I use organic and natural ingredients in my desserts, so I maintain that as they are not processed, they count as one of my daily meals and legitimately go towards the nutrients required in my recommended daily intake! And, they’re ridiculously easy to […]

Fresh on Spadina – Toronto, Canada

It may be excruciatingly difficult to get a good vegetarian or vegan meal in Toronto pubs and restaurants, but Toronto is also home to some of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants I’ve ever tried. My favourite here is Fresh. It’s a casual chain restaurant in Toronto that caters to vegetarians and vegans. Most meals […]

Recipe Wednesday: Warm lentil, spinach and tomato salad

On a cool day, this salad warms the cockles and is a hearty, filling dish. Warming, hearty, filling. Not usually what you think of with salads, right? And it’s super simple. It should take 15 minutes max, including prep. Ingredients: 1 can of lentils 1 bunch of spinach 1 tomato or half a punnett of […]