Recipe Wednesday: Purple Yam, Sweet Potato & Spinach Lasagne

Purple food either scares people away or entices them. Don’t let the colour scare you in the case of this yam. Its fierce colour belies its gentle flavour  – it’s like a more mellow version of a sweet potato. The purple yam (also called purple sweet potato in North America) comes from the tropical parts […]

Recipe Wednesday: Chickpea and Beetroot Salad

I like fast salads for lunch that are packed with protein and bright colours. Like the warm lentil, spinach and tomato salad, this chickpea and beetroot salad is another 10 to 15 minute job that you can make from scratch if you use canned chickpeas and beetroot. If you want to soak dry chickpeas overnight […]

Recipe Wednesday: Warm lentil, spinach and tomato salad

On a cool day, this salad warms the cockles and is a hearty, filling dish. Warming, hearty, filling. Not usually what you think of with salads, right? And it’s super simple. It should take 15 minutes max, including prep. Ingredients: 1 can of lentils 1 bunch of spinach 1 tomato or half a punnett of […]