The Stranger Side of Travel

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Hello from Saskatchewan, readers!

We’re posting on Friday instead of Thursday in the Northern Hemisphere due to a fantastic storm yesterday and a terrible internet connection.

This will be a short one just to share our latest blog post over at Dave’s Travel Corner The Stranger Side of Travel.

If you know me, South Nomad, well, you know that I attract, well… odd people. It’s the reason why I don’t like buses, trains, laundry rooms, or basically any enclosed areas where fellow humans can corner me, trap me, and I can’t escape.

Here’s a small slice of the story. Head over to DTC to check out the full version.

See dem hills? I live in dem hills…

The man pointing at the blue-green hills in question was talking to my mother. He looked like Billy Ray Cyrus — if Mr. Cyrus had less teeth and a meth-addiction.

We were in rural Australia, and this young man with an uncanny resemblance to a junkie version of the popular country singer was doing his best to woo my mother.

My teenage sister and I were highly amused.  Over a decade later, we still remind my mother of this day.

I shouldn’t laugh. I’ve inherited this ability to attract eccentric people and odd situations. Here’s a list of some of the odd situations I’ve found myself in on my travels.



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