Sticks and Stones Woodfired Pizza Dubbo

Sticks & Stones Woodfired Pizza Dubbo - Review by North & South Nomads (

Sticks & Stones Woodfired Pizza Dubbo

It’s amazing the foods you begin to crave once you can’t easily access them.

I’m not usually a huge pizza fan. But vegan pizza is not easy to come by in Chiang Mai when you don’t have a car, or speak Thai very well!

Whilst I can say I’m vegan ( di chan gin, aharn jey) and don’t eat eggs (mai sai kai) or cheese (mai sai chis) in Thai, specifically asking whether the pizza dough has eggs or milk in it has eluded me. As has asking for a pizza without cheese on it. The intricacies of Thai can get a bit tricky!

And living outside of Old City hasn’t made it easier, where there are more easily accessible vegan pizza joints.

My craving for pizza was satisfied in Dubbo, of all places. Even in regional Australia, you can still find vegan friendly food.

North Nomad and I were on a trip to Dubbo and didn’t realise it was the long weekend in Australia.  Plenty of places were closed up for the weekend, but we stumbled upon Sticks & Stones.

We turned up and it was bustling already before 7:00pm. I think everyone in Dubbo was eating in this restaurant! When we were asked if we had a reservation, I started to panic we wouldn’t have anywhere to eat that night.

Sticks & Stones Woodfired Pizza Dubbo - Review by North & South Nomads

The manager found us a little nook in the back of the restaurant, and we settled in with the menu. I have a quick squiz around the restaurant. It’s pretty in the early evening light, and the walls are covered in Australian art. The back verandah would be lovely at this time of night, but it’s packed with families and groups . You’d need to reserve to  get a spot outside.

Another vegan item that has been elusive in Chiang Mai is vegan cider.  Beer is super popular in Chiang Mai, but many of the local beers (Leo, Singha, Chang) are not vegan. High-fives to the pricier Japanese beers like Asahi and Sapporo for being vegan friendly! But cider is not something I’ve seen in the bars here.

Luckily for me, there is Aussie cider on the menu! I order a bottle of the Small Acres Pear Cider, while North Nomad has his favourite – a Coca Cola. The cider is crisp, and sweet. There is nothing lke a fresh cider over ice on a summer evening in Australia.  The cider is a traditionally made cider in the nearby town of Orange, a cool climate region in Australia.

Sticks & Stones is known for its wood-fired pizza, but it also has a large selection of non-pizza meals for dinner including polenta chips, flash-fried scallops, arancini with osso bucco, and generous antipasti servings for entees. For mains, there’s a range of salads, pastas and soups, quail, scotch fillet, spiced pork belly, and snapper fillet.

Sticks & Stones Woodfired Pizza Dubbo - Review by North & South Nomads

But North Nomad and I are both dying for some pizza. Our friendly waitress confirms for me that the pizza dough is made without eggs or milk, and I order the Margarita, sans the cheese. North Nomad orders the Meat pizza.

North Nomad’s order is the exact opposite of mine – Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, ham, pepperoni, capsicum, onion & olives.

We’re probably amusing to the kitchen. I ask for everything but the veggies to be taken off mine, he asks for everything but the meats and cheese to be taken off his. Together, we make a full meal. 😉

North Nomad’s pizza comes out about five minutes before mine does. He’s starving, so I tell him to tuck in before it gets cold. It’s a large serving, so he’s still going when mine arrives.  I never thought I’d hear him say it, but he does admit perhaps there’s a bit too much meat on it. Lesson in keeping your veggies on your pizza! 😉

Sticks & Stones Woodfired Pizza Dubbo - Review by North & South Nomads

My pizza is delicious, but the edges are slightly burnt. Which saddens me, as the crust is so tasty and crisp, and I can’t eat it all! The cherry tomatoes are lovely and sweet. The way they are placed on the pizza does mean you need to exercise a bit of care when eating it, so it doesn’t end up on your shirt.  The pasta sauce is lovely and sweet, and the basil gives a nice bite to it.

The dessert menu looks tempting, but we pay up our bill and head on our way. The pizzas have us stuffed, and we’re ready for our walk back to Rosalea.

Have you had any food cravings? Or any luck with dietary requirements outside of your home?


Location: Sticks & Stones Pizza Restaurant | 215A Macquarie St, Dubbo NSW 2830

Contact Details: (02) 6885 4852 |

Opening Hours: Breakfast: 7:30-3pm,Lunch: 12md-3pm, Dinner: 6pm – Quiet

  • Pizza Lunch: Thurs-Sun
  • Everyday Pizza Lunch during School Holidays
  • Light Snacks Available between 3pm and 6pm

Cost: meat pizza – $24, Margarita $17, Coca Cola $4, Small Acres Pear Cider $9.50
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13 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones Woodfired Pizza Dubbo

  1. Omg I need to go there stat. Wood fired, cracker crust pizza with fresh simple toppings is my everything. (and no cheese or added oils, if we are keeping score). Alex wanted to go out and do something fun for dinner tonight, but all I want now is pizza!

    • There is nothing like a nice wood fired pizza, is there Suz? None of the pizza chains here in Chiang Mai (well there is Pizza Hut, but no thin crust in Chiang Mai, so that’s already out) respond to my emails about whether they use milk and/or eggs in their dough. *Cries*. So I’m having a distinct lack of pizza in my life these days. It was never something I craved until I couldn’t have it! I”ll be back in Dubbo in a few months visiting a girlfriend, so at least I can look forward to good pizza in my distant future! lol 😉

  2. There is nothing more comforting than a good piece of pizza. Glad you were able to find what you were looking for in Thailand. We’re planning on spending time there next year. Glad you have already hunted down the good pizza for me – nicely done!

  3. Even though I’m sitting here reading this post eating pizza, I’ve realized that I want that pizza! Mmm wood fire is my favourite type: from the smell to the taste to just the look of its charred edges!

  4. I haven’t had pizza in what feels like forever! :O The vegan one you had looks so good! <3 (Tis a shame that the crust was kinda burnt though! :[ )

  5. How amazing to finally find vegan pizza – it looks so delicious. I usually eat Gluten free foods because of health reasons but it’s so hard to find in China!

  6. Looks like you found a great spot for some pizza! It’s always so hard to figure out exactly what you are eating when you don’t know much of the language–glad you were able to finally get some pizza!

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