Sprout Cafe Dubbo

Sprout Cafe Dubbo - Review by North & South Nomads

Sprout Café Dubbo

Dubbo was an unexpected food hit.

When we lived in California during summer in 2014, I expected vegan food to be abundant because… California! Sadly this was not the case for regional California.

We had the “there’s no tofu in Turlock” lady who thought I was crazy for asking for tofu at the health food store. And we had the realisation that the only protein heavy vegan options for me would be beans or fake Gardein chicken.

It was a lovely surprise that regional New South Wales can feed a vegan easily. I’ve never had an issue anywhere in the upper Blue Mountains when eating with friends or family. And we had amazing pizzas (North Nomad’s meaty of course, mine vegan friendly) at Sticks & Stones Woodfired Restaurant.

After our visit to Old Dubbo Gaol, we head across the road to Sprout Café.

Sprout Cafe is a mecca for health food and paleo diet followers. If you read our blog, you know North Nomad likes his North American style burger and fries meals when eating out. We didn’t think this would be much of an issue though as he’d eaten lunch at the zoo and said he’d just have a snack or drink. I was ravenous!

Sprout Cafe Dubbo - Review by North & South Nomads


After a day in the sun at the zoo and the gaol, we’re feeling a little low-ebb and just wanting to chat to each other. The owner is exuberant and bursting with energy and discussion. When he takes our order, he loudly and directly questions why North Nomad isn’t eating or drinking. Knowing North Nomad is a bit of an introvert, I jump in and hastily say there’s nothing he wants to eat, as he likes Canadian food.

You know those times when something slips out of your mouth and you want to shove it back in? Yeah, this was one of them. Saying that was a huge mistake, and honestly I should have known better!

The owner wants to help, but he makes an enormous fuss. It’s a small café, the guy has a booming voice, and by this stage the entire restaurant is watching and listening. It’s very much becoming a scene that North Nomad doesn’t like having created over him.

Sprout Cafe Dubbo - Review by North & South Nomads


In the end, he chooses a berry smoothie to mollify the situation. After a lack of good vegan burgers in Chiang Mai, I’m hankering for one, and go for the chickpea burger.

My chickpea burger is enormous, and filled liberally with salad, which I really love. The patty itself is a large size, and falls apart a little too easily. I’m guessing because there’s a health food focus here, there aren’t additivies or extras to help bind it together. Perhaps some chia seeds with water would assist with this.

Sprout Cafe Dubbo - Review by North & South Nomads


The smoothie has yoghurt in it, and as such, isn’t to North Nomad’s liking. I’m almost worried to leave a full drink on the table, in case we’re questioned about it again! If I wasn’t vegan, I would have downed it just for an easy exit. 😉

It’s really nice to see such a healthy food option for people with varying dietary requirements in a regional town. But it’s somewhere you may wish to avoid if you want to be left alone with your thoughts, or if you’re an introvert who shies away from conversations.

Location: 1/43 Macquarie St, Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia

Contact Details: +61 406 727 217

Opening Hours: Closed Sundays & Mondays, Open Tuesday – Saturday 7:00am-4:00pm

Website: No website

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2 thoughts on “Sprout Cafe Dubbo

  1. I think they have a tonnnn of vegan options in SF + LA! But other areas, perhaps not so much. 😡

    Both the smoothie + the burger look absolutely amazing! <3! I've been super-craving burgers lately! :O I need to go make some!

    • Yeah, we had great success with feeding me all up and down the coast line. Travel inwards, and you may as well be in Alabama for vegan options LOL. We had the “there’s no tofu in Turlock” lady which I’ll never forget – and I’m sure Shawn will never forget driving through regional California for a couple of hours on a tofu search for me! LOL.

      I’ve been craving burgers lately too! Tofu burgers are super popular here in Chiang Mai, which is great, but I’m dying for a good chickpea or bean one!!!

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