Soi Dogs of Thailand

Soi Dogs of Thailand

Soi Dogs Of Thailand

Recently, I read a scathing article about Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

The part I found most delicious, was a poisoned barb shot at him about not owning a dog. Because, as we all know, what sort of inhumane beast couldn’t love a dog?

It was simultaneously silly and clever, and it gave me a huge laugh.

Of course, there are some people who are scared of dogs for good reason, some who are allergic, and some who just don’t like them. There are good reasons why good people don’t like dogs.

But let’s be frank. Most good people do like dogs. 😉

Moving to Chiang Mai in Thailand has been an eye opener about the welfare of domestic pets; moreso dogs for me because soi dogs (soi means lane in Thai) are so visible and prolific here in Chiang Mai.

These dogs are the dumped pets, abused and neglected pets, and the pets that can end up in the meat trade.

Yep, the dog meat trade is a real thing.

I always thought it was a culturally imperalistic rumour perpetuated by Westerners, until we moved here. It’s pretty harrowing stuff, but if you want to know more about the dog meat trade, check out the Daily Mail’s piece here, and the New York Times article here.

Thai people and expats alike are working hard to prevent cruelty to dogs here in Thailand. Organisations like WatchDog Thailand, the Soi Dog Foundation , and Care For Dogs Foundation in Chiang Mai work to desex soi dogs, give them medical care and a roof over their heads, and to prevent them being targeted for the meat trade.

I’d love to volunteer for an organisation like this, but sadly with our tourists visas volunteer work (even though we’re not getting paid) is still considered work and disallowed. When we get our education visas in April, options like this will be a little more easy to explore.

*The photos used in this post are of my beautiful sister’s gorgeous rescue pups in Canberra. I didn’t want to pester the soi dogs around our area for photos. They always seem so happy sunning themselves and I didn’t want to interrupt them!*

Do you have issues like this affecting domestic pets in the area of the world you live in?

Soi Dogs of Thailand

3 thoughts on “Soi Dogs of Thailand

  1. Agreeed! I’m very much in the camp that unless you’re allergic/something traumatic happened/etc., people who don’t like dogs (or really, any animals >_>) have something wrong with them. ._.

    That being said, I’m so, so glad to know that there are organizations that work to prevent cruelty to dogs in Thailand! That’s so sad that they count volunteer work as work (howww does it count when you’re not even being paid?!). Would love to hear more about it in April if you do get to start working with them! <3!! Thanks for this post!

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