The Salad Concept Chiang Mai

The Salad Concept Chiang Mai

The Salad Concept is such a clever idea for capturing the Chinese and Westerner tourist market in Chiang Mai.

Formed by Poy and Pye, two Chiang Mai sisters, The Salad Concept came out of their experience of their father eat a healthy diet in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation therapy to treat his cancer. Watching him recover, they wanted to have a place where people could enjoy tasty, but healthy and nutritious meals, that could actually help you.


It provides a great healthy option in both Old City and the Nimman area. A lot of the street food, food court food, and even restaurant food contains high amounts of oil and fat. The Salad Concept’s menu has juices, smoothies, salads, and wraps. You can create your own salads and wraps here if nothing on the menu takes your eye. It’s a welcome reprieve from oily street food.

Even though the staff have good English skills, each table has paper forms with pencils to fill out your order.  It really does stop a lot of the confusion that can happen when a farang doesn’t speak enough Thai, and a waiter doesn’t speak enough English to get clear communication happening.

On our visits to The Salad Concept, North Nomad has an assorted meat salad (seriously, look at the photos. Want some lettuce with all of your meat?!), and I have either the tofu salad or make my own salad with legumes.

North Nomad reports that his meat salad is very tasty. He creates a salad with beef, bacon, cheese, and croutons  The cheese is a little unusual. From what I can tell as a non-dairy eater, it’s a bit softer and lighter looking compared to the North American cheddars he’s used to. The consistency looks somewhere between hard cheese, and curds.

The organic tofu salad is delicious. The cubed tofu is firm and grilled nicely, with a scattering of sesame seeds over it. The shitake mushrooms and kidney beans are a fantastic protein boost, particularly when combined with the tofu. I love the sweetness of the tamarind sauce that comes with this meal.

In place of dessert, we have smoothies or juices. North Nomad’s favourite is the berry smoothie, a mix of 4 berries, and mine is the banana oat smoothie.

The other great thing is that they do take away here, so it’s a good option for when you need to duck in and get something healthy to eat on your way home from a day out.

Location: 49/9-10 Soi 13 (the first building of the Soi) Nimmanhamin road, Suthep, Chiangmai 50200 – there’s also a second location that we’ve haven’t visited yet in Old City.


Contact Details: [email protected]

Telephone : 053 894 455

Opening Hours: Open daily from 11.00 am – 10.00 pm




10 thoughts on “The Salad Concept Chiang Mai

    • They are ridiculously good, Farrah. It’s such a nice reprieve from street food in Chiang Mai. Street food is tasty, but it’s nice having low fat and low oil!

    • Yeah it’s pretty fantastic! DIY salad places are really popular where I come from in Australia, but you can’t actually sit down and have a nice, relaxed meal in them – most are in food courts, so this is a nice change. ?

    • Thanks for checking out our blog, Danni. I’ll jump across to yours and read about your planned trip! We’ve been in Chiang Mai on a triple entry tourist visa since October last year. There is SO MUCH good food here! And thanks Suz for passing our posts on! ?

  1. Chiang Mai is the king of vegan and vegetarian food places!

    Definitely go to AUM restaurant
    Imm Aim Vegetarian and bike cafe – best food you will ever taste

    • It truly is! I thought Australia was good, but there are about two times as many vegan and veggie places here as there are in Melbourne alone!

      Aum has been on my list for ages, but we live up in Green Hill past Nimman, so I’ve been a bit slack with making it down that far into Old City. Soon, soon ?

      • Do go to Imm Aim, you won’t regret it. Lucky, you come from Melbourne, Sydney doesn’t have much by comparison. Enjoy the rest of your time there ?

        • I come from Sydney! I haven’t lived there (or in Australia) for three years, though. I did live on the eastern suburbs beaches, however, which has a stack of vegan and veggie food. My favourites in Syd were Bodhi in the Park for an expensive meal, Iku for easy corporate day to day lunches, and BBC for post beach weekend mexican! ? Newtown has a lot, too, but it’s too painful to trek there from the Eastern Suburbs. It is horrendous trying to get veggie food out in the ‘burbs… but go a bit further into the Blue Mountains and it starts getting good again. ?

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