On the road again – Toronto to California to the Rockies

Big Bone Lick State Park, Kentucky


Our last trip to the States was disastrous.

Fun, but still disastrous.

My handbag was stolen in Las Vegas. This was not just a mild inconvenience. It’s a huge inconvenience, worry, panic and money-suck when that handbag contains:

  • yours and your husbands passports;
  • your work visa for the country you live in;
  • your house keys (hello surprise $500 cost from our landlords yesterday on moving out to replace them!);
  • your RV keys;
  • your driver’s licence;
  • your credit cards and debit cards, and
  • your iPhone.

(Plus some pretty nifty makeup from Sephora, but that wasn’t a necessity or basic item that I needed to replace).

Our costs in replacing everything were in the thousands. This included getting to Los Angeles from Las Vegas for an emergency passport at the Australian embassy.  I know when people are poor and desperate they don’t think of how their stealing will affect the lives of others, but bloody hell I wish they’d just asked me for some cash instead and I would have happily parted with it!

Despite this experience, we’re on the road again for a roadtrip covering Toronto, California, and the Rockies.

We’ve left Toronto and we’re writing this post in Ohio on the first stop in the States.  We’re in Bluffton KOA campgrounds and a golf-kart parade is about to happen. I had to ask North Nomad what a “golf-kart” parade was. Apparently park patrons decorate their golf carts and drive around the camp grounds. Our next few destinations will be state and national parks, so this may be our last golf-kart parade for some time…

Tonight’s stay at Bluffton is just a stop over to break up the drive from Toronto to Kentucky. The (rough) plan for the rest of the trip is:

  • Kentucky – Mammoth Caves;
  • Utah – Arches National Park;
  • Nevada – Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam Walking Tour, Vegas (yes, despite our experience, we’re going back!);
  • California – Orange County, Mountain View/Silicon Valley;
  • Seattle and Vancouver;
  • Edmonton – West Edmonton Mall (apparently the only thing to do in Edmonton); and
  • Tentative visits to friends in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

So, wish us safe travels, quiet campgrounds, and tornado and fire free weather!

And smoke us a kipper, Toronto, we’ll be back for breakfast.

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Grand Canyon, Arizona

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    • Thanks Francesca 🙂 This time ’round we’ve got some more “sedate” activities planned – like Cirque de Soleil and Penn & Teller. So fingers crossed this time we stay out of trouble’s way!

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