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We love travel. We love the great outdoors. We love adventure. And we also love a bit of luxury every now and again!

We’d love to help promote your hotel, bed and breakfast, destination, restaurant, tour… or anything else that meshes with our blog content.

If you think North & South Nomads is well matched with your brand, please read our media kit, and contact us at [email protected].

Diving with sting rays in Bora Bora

Disclosure and Editorial Policy

Our South Nomad also holds a communications and media degree, and a law degree. So concepts like disclosing vested interests, using evidence and information to back up an opinion, “off the record” conversations and ethical journalism are concepts she values.

The ACCC and FTC have guidelines for online review websites, which basically state that where you provide a review that you have received any sort of incentive for a review or you have a relationship with a brand or company, you should always clearly disclose this in your review.

In light of the above, our disclosure and editorial policy requires that:

  1. We review and produce content about places, experiences, and things that are relevant to our interests and values.
  2. If we are paid to write a post, we will disclosure this. Even where compensation is received for a post (whether monetary, free products, or both), we will still write an honest and unbiased review.
  3. If we are given travel, dining, accommodation, a product, or an experience for free, we will also disclose this.
  4. If we pay for our own experience or items, but we have a connection in any way to the tour manager, restaurant owner, spa manager (etc), we will disclose this relationship. We will still write an honest and unbiased post.
  5. If we use affiliate links in a post, we will disclose this information.
  6. Sometimes, we may have products or experiences to give-away from third party companies. In these instances, any giveaways will be based on a randomly generated draw.

These guidelines ensure the best experience for both our readers and any brands we collaborate with.

If you have any questions, please direct them to South Nomad at northandsouthnomads at





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