One King West Hotel Toronto

One King West Hotel Toronto

One King West Hotel Toronto

We had one night left in Toronto before our long-haul flight to Thailand, via a quick layover at an ungodly hour in Hong Kong.

We wanted somewhere close to the AirBnB apartment we’d been staying in for the past four weeks, so we didn’t have a nightmare with our suitcases.

We’d packed up almost all of our possessions to ship off, and put the rest in two large Samsonite suitcases, two duffle bags, and two backpacks.

And we were hoping for one last night in a nice hotel before a red eye long haul flight…

Room, Location & Views

One King West Hotel Toronto

We had a Studio Tower room. The room itself was roomy and modern, in a minimal way. The Tower Room was an unusual, curved shape, good for a panoramic view of Toronto’s harbourfront.

I was mostly pleased with our room. The King Size bed was enormous, and comfortable. The room was large and the views were spectacular.

It came with a dishwasher, four stove oven top, microwave, and good sized mini-fridge. The appliances it came with would make it perfect for a longer term business stay.

The bathroom was tiny, and a bit of a let-down. We always hope for bathtubs in larger rooms in hotels that hold themselves out as being luxury hotels. The toilet seat was broken, which made it uncomfortable to use.

One King West Hotel Toronto

The central heating/air conditioning unit was incredibly noisy, and situated right next to the bed, which made a good night’s sleep before a long haul flight a little problematic.

The clincher issue for North Nomad was the internet. North Nomad’s business is all online, and he relies on having stable, relatively fast internet so he can work properly with his clients. All of our accommodation is booked on the basis of having a good internet connection.

Firstly, the internet didn’t work. Secondly, it was hard to get a hold of the concierge to help us with the wifi connection. Finally, once they troubleshooted it, it still didn’t work. Had we known about this, we would have chosen another hotel. 

One King West Hotel Toronto

Staff and ambience

One King West Hotel Toronto

This part was my clincher.

I have very British sensibilities about manners, and the tone of voice I’m spoken to with. I was unimpressed with both the manners and the tone of the hotel check-in staff.

But let’s start from the moment we got out of the cab. The hotel is covered by construction scaffolding, but that is to be expected – Toronto is in the midst of a construction boom and One King West is renovating. That didn’t particularly bother me.

But when we get out of a cab with two large suitcases, two duffel bags, and two backpacks, we would expect a luxury hotel to have its porter staff help us to get our luggage on to a trolley, if not do it all for us.

In this case, the porters looked at us from inside the hotel with mild disinterest, and kept chatting. We were left to struggle with our bags, get a trolley for them, load them on, and wheel them inside to check in at reception.

Once we were checked in, someone came to take the trolley up to our room. But the hard lifting was done at this stage, I don’t really need someone to wheel my things around for me.

The check in process itself was efficient, but a little unpleasant. As mentioned, the manners and tone were left wanting. I know everyone has bad days, but after pulling my shoulder out from lugging a large Samsonite suitcase on to a trolley, courteous behaviour does not go astray.

Would we stay here again?

Generally, our blog has very positive reviews of the hotels we’ve stayed at, like our reviews of The Hilton Resort in Bora Bora and The Lilianfels in the Blue Mountains.

In this case, it’s a very mixed review. Our stay did not start off the best, which put me off. The internet didn’t work, which put North Nomad off.

But I did like the room (despite the clunky heating and broken toilet seat) and the views of Toronto were stunning.  And if you were a business traveler, the room was a good size, and the appliances would be very handy.

The lack of internet, not so handy for business travelers, however.

It’s not somewhere we’d stay at again, unless the hotel rectified the issues that were, in our minds, serious enough not to return.

In the interests of full disclosure: I contacted the GM to see if there were any media rates or complimentary rooms, with no response. As always, our views are always our own and based solely on our experience at the hotel.

Location & contact details: 1 King Street W Toronto, ON M5H 1A1 Toronto, ON M5H 1A1

Phone: 416-548-8100 Fax: 416-548-8101 Reservations 1-866-470 KING (5464)

Cost:  $235, not including taxes.



10 thoughts on “One King West Hotel Toronto

    • There are so many fantastic things to do in Toronto that I was a bit disappointed at this. Every time we go to a restaurant or bar or hotel, I’m so pleased with the service. So it really is an unusual experience for this city.

  1. Service (either good or bad) can definitely shape your experience! I hate that things didn’t go well (I can feel North Nomad’s pain on the internet not working–if I can’t get on the internet, my freelance writing can’t happen!). On the upside, the room looks comfy and the view’s pretty nice!

    • There were definite positives and negatives to this stay. The room and views were pretty great. But the lack of hospitality really put my nose out of joint (which is unusual in Toronto, I’m always so impressed with hotels/bars/restaurants etc in TO!). And oh boy does no internet get Shawn offside! hehe 😉

    • Toronto is a lovely city, it was just such a shame our last night there had negative parts to it. But, these things happen! Just have to remember all the other wonderful service experiences we’ve had in Toronto. 🙂

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