About the Nomads

We are Shawn & Jess, a couple in our early 30s.

We like outdoor adventures, the sun, the ocean, snow, museums, exhibitions, festivals, day-spas, luxury accommodation, and good food. Doesn’t everyone? ?

Shawn is Canadian; Jess is Australian. Our life together has spanned Australia, Canada and the United States.

We consider both Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia our homes.

We met on the eastern suburbs beaches in Australia in 2010. When Shawn went back to Canada for family reasons, our relationship went long distance, with Jess moving to Canada a year later. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve lived and worked together in the same apartment in Canada never more than 10 metres away from each other.

Having family and friends scattered over the world, we are frequent hemisphere-hoppers.

North & South Nomads - Shawn & Jess

North Nomad

Shawn is the Canadian half – a programmer by trade, an entrepeneur by nature. He’s a programmer who changes countries like rock stars change their love interests.

He has lived in Toronto, Birmingham, Fort Lauderdale, Sydney and Cairns. He’ll probably want to add more to that list before the year’s out.

Despite growing up in a country that is as cold (or colder) than Mars, he loves warm weather and his favourite holidays are on beaches and islands.

North Nomad - Shawn

South Nomad

Jess is the Australian half. She’s a swimmer, a vegan, a writer, and a lawyer.

She has the constant desire to be outdoors and will walk for hours whether it’s 30 degrees Celsius or minus 30 degrees Celsius outside, oblivious to wind-chill and humidity. She considers swimming a form of transport, and loves driving the Nomad’s 30 foot RV through North America.

Notwithstanding all this out outdoorsy stuff, she loves massages, day spas, and in particular, day spas that have water circuits.

South Nomad Jess

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