Mount Blackheath Lookout Blue Mountains

Mount Blackheath Lookout Blue Mountains

Mount Blackheath Lookout, Blackheath Australia

Are you a creature of habit?

I am.

When I love something, I can eat it, drink it, visit it, listen to it, swim in it (I realise that sounds strange as I type it!) every day, and not get sick of it.

This habitual behaviour of mine even extends to traveling.

My parents have been taking me to Australia’s Blue Mountains since I was a toddler. It’s the first place I ever remember seeing snow. Though, back in the mid 80s, this snow was quite paltry – nothing compared to the European like snow the Blue Mountains has been copping in recent years.

In the Upper Mountains, I like the Scenic Railway as a tourist destination.

Mount Blackheath Lookout, Blackheath Australia


For a good bush walk, I do the Giant Stairway to the Three Sisters, walk the few kilometres along the valley floor, and catch the cable car back up to the top.

For dinner, I go to the Avalon in Katoomba, and for drinks my friends and I go to the Carrington or Station Bar.

I rarely deviate outside this routine in the Blue Mountains.

Luckily, my parents like to try out new things. On a semi-recent visit to Blackheath with North Nomad and I, they took us out to a lookout they’d been to. They’d found it one bitterly cold winter’s day, sat down with sandwiches on the lookout, and had a picnic.

Mount Blackheath Lookout, Blackheath Australia

(And if you’re one of our American or Canadian readers – yes, Australia does get bitterly cold! Even before it started uncharacteristically snowing to rival Chicago or Toronto, Blackheath has always been, as one of my best friends once said,  “as cold as a witch’s tit”.)

Located on the western side of the railway tracks, Mount Blackheath Lookout is frequented by the Blue Mountains Hang-gliding Club.  From their ramps, you get an amazing vantage point of the beautiful Shipley Valley below. These are the sorts of views that make me really miss Australia. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Mount Blackheath Lookout, Blackheath Australia

We went and had lunch at The Gardiner’s Inn at Blackheath after our visit to Mount Blackheath Lookout. But if it’s a beautiful sunny day, it’s worth packing a picnic lunch, some nice local ciders (my favourite is the vegan friendly Hillbilly Pear Cider – and no this is not a paid ad!), and sunning yourself over Shipley Valley.

Address: Mount Blackheath Road, Megalong NSW 2785, Australia

Getting there: From the Great Western Highway, turn west into Shipley Road at Blackheath and follow the signs.

Contact details: For more information on how to get there, and related walking/cycling trails: Phone: 1300 653 408

Mount Blackheath Lookout, Blackheath Australia

24 thoughts on “Mount Blackheath Lookout Blue Mountains

  1. Beautiful area… around Blackheath and Megalong are our favourite areas. Have you done the Grand Canyon hike which ends up at Evans lookout, as that is spectacular too… ?

    • We haven’t yet! I am honestly such a creature of habit. Most of my walks are around the Katoomba area or Jenolan. I’m really trying to break out of it and making it a goal for his year (assuming we ever move back to Australia, the visa process is so gruelling I feel like we’ll never be back!).

  2. That looks so beautiful…very Utopian. I’ve been to Sydney, but unfortunately that was all we had time for. We went out into the wine country there and it was stunning. I loved it!!!

    • Yep! There are walks for all ranges of abilities too, so you can do extremely hard ones with rock climbing, or really easy gentle ones. Beautiful part of Australia. 🙂

    • It is *so* different, Emilie! Particularly where we lived in Ontario. Driving through Northern Ontario and all those lakes was so unusual for me coming from Australia 🙂

    • It’s a really amazing place to visit. The landscape varies as much as it does across America – desert, mountains, beaches, rainforests. Really diverse and beautiful. 🙂

  3. It looks gorgeous there! As much as I appreciate novelty, there’s a lot to be said about the things you know deeply. There are always new discoveries to be made and new appreciation for the things you already know about a place (a meal, an experience…).

    • It’s very beautiful! Nowhere near as huge as the mountains in Canada, though. 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if the habits I have are because we move location so often. Need something to ground me. 🙂

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