What I Miss About Toronto Life

What I Miss About Toronto

What I Miss About Toronto Life

Australian beach life means I do not pine for Toronto life very often…

It’s hard to reminisce when you have sunshine, 28 degrees celsius weather, and crystal blue water replete with local dolphin pods on your doorstep.

Even though Toronto boasts 9 months of winter weather (replete with 6 months of snow and minus 40-ish degrees, thank you very much), there are still many things I miss about Toronto Life.

1. The Snow and The Winter

Five Things I Miss About Toronto

Never, ever, ever would I have thought I would miss this. The abovementioned winters were bloody brutal.

But there is something beautiful about 6 feet of snow rising to meet you, and feeling the wind chill on your face.

I used to love looking at the iced over Lake Ontario. I loved those days where there was no snow on the harbourfront beaches. On a sunny day, you could take a photo, and if you didn’t know it was minus 35 degrees, you’d be mistaken for asking if it was 35 degrees.

I also miss feeling cold, and recognising seasons. It’s a true first world problem, but having warm weather all year ’round does make you appreciate winter comforts like drinking mulled wine in pubs with roaring fires.

2. Booze

Five Things I Miss About Toronto

Canadians can do booze as well as the Europeans or Aussies.

I miss Toronto’s microbreweries.

I miss walking past Steam Whistle every day and watching the streams of adults pour in and out of the alcoholic Willie Wonka’s factory. I miss the Pumpkin Spice Ale at Mill St Brewery. I miss going into the LCBO and having an entire aisle devoted to Australian wine at prices cheaper than they sell for in Australia.

I miss being able to email owners and getting a friendly, enthusiastic reply telling me which of their drops is vegan friendly and which I’d enjoy.

3. Food

Fabbrica Toronto - Tofu, Cee Bean, Arugula Salad

It took me ages to get the hang of vegetarian and vegan food in Canada. I felt like it was hiding from me.

But once I got into the swing of Toronto, and discovered Spadina Avenue, Queen Street West, and Kensington Market, I realised it was a mecca for good plant-based food.

I miss the burgers and bowls at Fresh, I miss the greasy spoon food at Sadie’s Diner. I miss the raw salads from Live Organic, I miss the tofu sandwiches and cupcakes from Urban Herbivore, and I miss the tacos at Hot Beans. I also miss the simple pleasures of Chipotle! Even sadder still, some of these places closed down when we moved back to Australia, so I’ll never be able to have perogies at Sadie’s, or tacos at Hot Beans again 🙁

It may be cold for 9 months of the year, but the food alone is one reason to live in Toronto.

4. The Animals

I had never seen a Newfoundland Retriever before I lived in Canada. These beautiful beasts are enormous and fluffy.

Have you seen Despicable Me, where Grue wins Agnes a toy and she squeezes it tightly with gritted teeth yelling SO FLUFFY!!! with excitement? That is basically me around these dogs.

The first time I saw one in the flesh was during New Year’s Eve at Niagara Falls. It was the coldest I’ve ever been in my life. We were next to the falls in the snow at an outdoor music festival. My beer froze over from the cold and my nose ran until I got snotsicles.

On our walk back to our room, we passed one of these dogs, who couldn’t be happier to be outside in the snow. His very patient owner let me pat him… along with about 20 other women who wanted to pat him.

Aside from these awesome dogs, being an Australian, squirrels are also pretty exciting. These wily little things go from being cute and curious, to little pests who want to steal anything you happen to eat in front of them.

Chipmunks? Possibly even cuter than squirrels. Check this little guy out on our hike up at Lake Louise

Five Things I Miss About Toronto

5. The Canadians

Probably the most important one on the list, given North Nomad is Canadian!

I don’t know if there is a country in this world where the people are as pleasant, polite, and friendly as the Canadians. I’ve had one incident – ONE – where I had a Torontonian be rude to me. Even when they are being passive-aggressive dicks they are still nicer than your average Australian. Canadians are friendlier than Aussies, more hospitable than Americans, politer than the Brits, and are the least violent or racist people compared with the residents of any of the countries (America, Australia, and Thailand) we’ve lived in.

I’ve never been to a city before where people apologise for bumping into you at a major train station, rather than telling you to eff off (hello Sydney, Melbourne, LA, New York, London, I’m looking at you!). If you’re lost, you’ll be approached by people trying to help you. Happen to be in a restaurant that doesn’t cater towards your food? They’ll offer to sort that out and make you something you’d really like to eat.

Five Things I Miss About Toronto