Metropole Guesthouse Katoomba

Metropole Guesthouse Katoomba

Metropole Guesthouse Katoomba - Review by North & South Nomads

How Do I Love You Katoomba? Let me count the ways…
  1. The mountains – that view from echo point of the three sisters.
  2. The food and bars – some of the best vegan and veggie food you can get in NSW is in the upper mountains. Meat eater? More than enough for you too, I promise.
  3. The architecture is stunning – the area is abundant in art deco architecture.

The Metropole is the perfect example of some of the wonderful architecture in the Blue Mountains area. Built in 1933, the guesthouse is filled with antique furniture, log fires, and airy, light games and library rooms. If you want to feel like you’re staying in another era, this is the place to do it, with a drink in the library or by the fire.

Staff & Ambience

Metropole Guesthouse Katoomba - Review by North & South Nomads

The staff here are friendly and on the ball. Around lunchtime the day manager called to confirm my booking, and then called back an hour or so later, just to check about whether I needed a Queen or Double Room.

I’d originally booked a Queen Room, but she let me know that my room had a broken toilet seat, so she wanted to give me another room. This worked out perfectly, as my girlfriend who was meant to stay with me had fallen ill, so I didn’t need the Queen Room any longer. It’s also more than I can say of far more expensive hotels in Toronto (I’m raising an unimpressed eyebrow as I remember that experience).

The check-in and check-out are quick and pain-free. At check-in I’m advised about the meal service, should I wish to have dinner at the hotel. At check-out, I pay for my bottles of water, and I’m quickly on my way.

Metropole Guesthouse Katoomba - Review by North & South Nomads

The ambience is why I stay at the Metropole when I’m town. I love sitting in the library surrounded by antiques, letting the sun wash over me. It’s perfect for having a drink on your own and catching up on some work or emails.

If you’re with friends, you can play a game of pool in the games room, or enjoy a meal in the licensed dining room. In winter, there’s log fires you can enjoy a drink beside.

Metropole Guesthouse Katoomba - Review by North & South Nomads

Room & Location

Whilst the staff are fantastic and the ambience is perfect, the rooms are starting to look a little worn. The walls could do with a lick of paint, the bathrooms could do with a renovation, and the carpets are a bit threadbare.

That all being said, my room is clean, comfortable, and spacious. My room is large, with a comfy double bed. There’s a mini bar with soft drinks and water. There’s a good sized desk with a large mirror, and a couch. The shower is enormous.

Metropole Guesthouse Katoomba - Review by North & South Nomads

And, the room rates are extremely affordable. It’s probably the best price you can get in Katoomba for good value. Cheaper, and you’re looking at the motels further down towards Echo Point, or, the backpacker’s hostels.

Another reason why I stay here is because it is the most well located hotel in Katoomba if you’re having a night out for good food, drinks, and listening to a band or DJs. It’s opposite the Carrington Hotel, a couple of doors down from the Avalon restaurant, and across the road from the Station Bar

It’s also well located if you want to use the Explorer bus, or catch the train to other stations in the Blue Mountains.

The parking situation isn’t ideal — about 6 spots in a tight little carpark at the rear, up a huge incline driveaway that is SCARY AS HELL when your car rolls back on you when you drive up and realise there aren’t any spots left. But, parking inspectors are wonderfully lax in Katoomba, so I parked on the road outside for 24 hours and didn’t get a ticket.

[NB: On checking the website after writing my review, I noticed that the Queen Room – that I’d originally booked – has actually been refurbished and looks quite fancy compared to the Double Room.]

Metropole Guesthouse Katoomba - Review by North & South Nomads

Food & Amenities

We eat at restaurants in Katoomba when in town, so I can’t speak on the food. I had a peak into the Dining Room, and it’s as impressive as the games room and library. Seems like a nice place to eat on a cold winter’s night in the mountains. Meal bookings need to be made by 3pm, and Metropole promises you will “Experience delicious home style meals delivered with good old fashioned service”.

Wifi’s available in all public areas, but I think there is a cost, which is not uncommon in Australian hotels. There are also onsite laundry facilities available.

Would We Stay Here Again?

Definitely. It’s conveniently placed for everything I need, I love the architecture and décor, the staff are great. But next time I’ll take the Queen Room, even if there’s a broken toilet seat!


Location: Corner of Gang Gan & Lurline Streeets, Katoomba NSW 2780 Blue Mountains Australia

Contact details: Phone 02 4782 5544, Fax 02 4782 6662, Email:

14 thoughts on “Metropole Guesthouse Katoomba

  1. That painting is so pretty! :] I haven’t ever been to Australia, but if I ever do get a chance to go, I’ll definitely have to keep this place in mind! :]

    • Hehe. Commercial hotels are really good for business trips when you need a bit of familiarity, I find. I used to do a lot of travel in my old job in Australia and there was something comfort about knowing what your room would look like. 🙂

    • Oooh that’s so exciting Erica! Whereabouts are you visiting in April? How long will you be there for? I am probably going to be there in the last week of May. Sadly Shawn won’t be with me as he has to go to Canada in early May. Expensive month for us!

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