Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath

Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath - Review by North & South Nomads

Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath

Far out in Arizona, in the American desert, live a group of modern mystics who believe in beautiful literature, magic, hoodoo, and the occult.

My friend Isaac, a talented writer and poet, is one of these modern mystics.

On seeing photos of our trip to Memory Lane Retro Diner in Blackheath, he said:

It’s good to happen upon shrines to transport us to times of the past…

I’d never thought of Elvis as a spiritual icon, but given the love of him in our family, with all of the Elvis records and movies, there are obvious similarities between worship of pop culture icons and religious iconography.

Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath - Review by North & South Nomads

On this occasion, we visited Memory Lane Retro Diner on a search not for a spiritual reincarnation of Elvis, but for North American food for North Nomad.

He’s craving the food of his people (as always after a hefty bushwalk in the mountains), and this place sure does deliver the goods.

And in an unusual twist for a North American style diner, it has a plethora of vegetarian and vegan friendly meals. It’s one of those rare dining successes where both North Nomad and I can be fed together!

In true diner fashion, there’s the All Day Breakfast menu to order from. The vegetarian breakfast, sans eggs for me, sounds delicious.

Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath - Review by North & South Nomads

But even after our long walk, I fear it’s a little too large for just me. It comes with a lentil, chickpea, carrot and potato pattie, roasted tomato, hashbrowns, eggs, mushrooms and thick cut toast. Just a bit too enormous, I’m afraid!

The all day pancakes and waffles are also tempting for North Nomad, coming with a variety of toppings like fresh bananas and strawberries, caramel and chocolate sauce, maple syrup and butter, and vanilla ice cream.

North Nomad ruminates over a variety of burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs.

Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath - Review by North & South Nomads

I’ve spied a vegetarian burger which sports the same pattie as the vegetarian breakfast, and I’m set. I just need to check whether the pattie is vegan friendly or not. The ingredients sound like it, but I like to be on the safe side.

The menu also offers over 30 different flavour combinations of milkshakes on a whole entire menu of pizzas and milkshakes. With over 30 flavours to choose from, North Nomad sticks with his old favourite – chocolate, while I order a coke.

The owner comes by to take our orders. He confirms that the chickpea pattie is made on the premise by the chef and is indeed dairy and egg free.

I’m pleased because I love a good burger, and order it sans the tzatziki it comes with. North Nomad settles on the hot dog with his chocolate milkshake.

Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath - Review by North & South Nomads

Our drinks come out, and North Nomad accidentally gets a coke with my coke, instead of a milkshake. I ask him whether he wants to change it to what he ordered, but when we see the size of his hot dog that arrives, he sticks with the coke. He’s not too sure he could finish a milkshake as well!

The hot dog is quite possibly the largest one I’ve ever seen. And this is coming from the couple who have frequented diners in California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and basically everywhere in America renowned for meals larger than their devourers.

North Nomad reports that his hotdog is delicious, but he may be defeated by the size! It seems that the bun and hot dog size is a double serving, for the price of one hot dog, and covered in melted cheese, ketchup and mustard.

The chef clearly understands the food of North Nomad’s people.

Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath - Review by North & South Nomads

My veggie burger is similarly enormous and tasty. It’s nice having a freshly made pattie, straight out of the fryer. It’s crispy and nicely seasoned.

Without the tzatziki though, it’s a little dry, and I find myself wishing I’d asked for some BBQ sauce or sweet chilli sauce with it.

Full and happy, we have a quick chat to the owner as we settle our bill. It turns out his wife, who owns the diner with him, is Canadian. The understanding of North American cuisine now makes sense!

We leave, and I make a mental note to come back for breakfast next time I’m in the mountains after a night out, and a hangover is threatening. That pattie with some hashbrowns would be amazing.

Do you like eating at diners? What’s your favourite diner meal?

Location: 247 Great Western Highway, Blackheath NSW 2785

Contact: Mobile –  0401 295 016 Email –

Website: Memory Lane Facebook Page

Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath - Review by North & South Nomads

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16 thoughts on “Memory Lane Retro Diner Blackheath

  1. I love that you found a diner that actually has some non-meat options. Sometimes you want the fun of the diner atmosphere and the comfort of all the classics but can’t stand to see another massive stack of greasy bacon. I bet that the chickpea burger would have been amazing with sweet chili sauce!

  2. Oh that hot dog looks amazing! I think the last little diner I went to was a burger place in Florida last year; they had absolutely huge burgers and fries, and were so delicious!

  3. Glory be – I could feel the calories pile on my hips as I read this post! Your writing is fab 🙂 And i love the idea of heading out to a retro diner… only prob is I’m in the Cotswilds, England and there aren’t many around this way!

  4. This looks pretty awesome! As someone who doesn’t eat red meat or pork, I can understand your plight. Glad you found a rad place with such great options!

  5. There is a diner similar to this in my husbands hometown it is one of our favorite places to go when we go back to visit! I’ve never actually tried a veggie burger but that one looks SO GOOD! I’m a sucker for anything fried.

  6. This is awesome! I love vintage and old diners so much! I had a blast finding the best ones driving along Route 66 this past summer 🙂

    • Me too! Have you been to that one Peggy Sue’s Diner in California on the drive between Vegas and LA? We’ve been a couple of times. The only thing vegan friendly on the menu is fries (which is a bit funny), but there’s a stack Shawn can eat. The decor is worth the visit alone though!

    • Well, Shawn *did* order a milk shake… he just had a coke arrive instead! LOL 😉 He also likes coke, so this wasn’t a problem. 🙂 I hear they are pretty fantastic though!

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