Loco Elvis Chiang Mai

Loco Elvis Chiang Mai

Loco Elvis Restaurant & Bar Chiang Mai - Review by North & South Nomads

Chiang Mai sure has a lot of Mexican restaurants, for somewhere that’s on the other side of the planet to Mexico.

And quantity doesn’t always extend to quality. Finding good Mexican can be an arduous process.

I’ll be upfront – this is not my favourite Mexican restaurant here in Chiang Mai (that’s The Salsa Kitchen), but it *is* North Nomad’s favourite.

It leans more towards the traditional Tex Mex we had where we lived in California. Which also means that there isn’t a stack of food options for me.

On our first visit to Loco Evlis, North Nomad has the beef nachos, which he adores.

He tells me emphatically that his dish is very good. At this point of our Chiang Mai time, it’s been a while since we’ve had Mexican, and this really hit the spot for him.

Loco Elvis Restaurant & Bar Chiang Mai - Review by North & South Nomads

I ordered the veggie fajitas, without cheese and without sour cream. True to Chiang Mai form, it comes out with sour cream (I wonder if they think I’m a crazy farang who doesn’t know what tastes good).

In fairness, the Australian accent can be difficult for non-English speakers here in Chiang Mai to parse. I’ve learnt when ordering food that Chiang Mai nationals can understand my Thai, but my English can confuse the hell out of them.

Loco Elvis Restaurant & Bar Chiang Mai - Review by North & South Nomads

The sizzle of the capsicums and the onions on the hot plate is always impressive, but sadly the veggies are dripping in oil.

The tortillas are warm, and they come with refried beans, rice, and salsa. I’m not a fan of refried beans, preferring firm black beans instead. The salsa is nice enough, but lacking any sort of kick.

On the second occasion, I ask for the veggie nachos, without cheese or sour cream. They’re blackened around the edges, cooked too much in the parts that aren’t black, and incredibly salty.

Again, North Nomad is as happy as a pig in mud with his nachos. I just have no luck with this place!

And because it’s in the heart of the farang tourist stretch, the song thaew drivers want your first born to take you anywhere. I’ve been miles out of Old City and not had to pay the prices they quote me from the front of Loco Elvis.

(North Nomad also has a bit of frustration and my willingness not to bend over a dollar or two. It’s not the price that bothers me, I tell him, it’s the principle! I really hate when people try to screw me over, just because they think they can. I’d rather walk a couple hundred of metres, and tip a song thaew driver the extra I would have been charged, just because they didn’t try to take advantage of me.)

But I’ll finish on a positive: the service is friendly, and efficient, and our meals come out quickly.

It’s also a pretty little bar/restaurant. It has a nice, open, light, and airy feel. You can watch the hustle and bustle of Old City without walking down the street and worrying about near death experiences with scooters and bikes. It’s quite cool if you want to sit on the footpath, with a fine mist of water sprayed from the eaves.

And I do hear they do American rock and roll karaoke… so maybe I need to give this place another try out at night time, with a couple of margaritas. ?

Website: http://www.locoelvis.com/ (There is next to no information on here, if you want to find out more see their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/LocoElvisThailand )

Location: 129/3-5 Moonmuang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Contact Details: +66 88 493 3303

Opening Hours: Today 11:00am – 12:00am


12 thoughts on “Loco Elvis Chiang Mai

  1. Go back to The Salsa Kitchen, fill up on margaritas to give you the extra energy to deal with those extortionate songtheow drivers?

    If only we lived in a world where everyone knew how to make cashew cream to replace that non vegan sour cream? Ah well, at least North Nomad was happily fed ?

    Loved reading your review anyway ?

    • I should just be grateful they don’t sexually harass me like the songhtaew drivers do up near Maya Mall by our apartment!!! I’ve been meaning to ask, how did your retreat go? Are you guys in Cambodia now?

    • Ah, Chiang Mai is in Thailand! But as you can imagine, Australian mexican isn’t the greatest ? There is one fast food joint called BBC that does awesome tex mex in Australia, and funnily it’s run by Californian guys. ?

  2. Anddd…now I’m craving nachos, hahaha. sigh! I feel like my life is one big craving for food sometimes. :O

    I’m completely with you on the money thing-I’d much rather pay someone awesome who didn’t try to cheat me out of my money, even if it ended up taking a little more time and/or money. :O Honesty should pay off in this world!

    • Hahaha, me too Farrah, me too. And I always seem to crave food from countries I don’t live currently live in. Now I’m in Thailand, I desperately want vegan burgers and cupcakes from Canada. When I was in Canada, I desperately wanted Australian mexican. I can’t be satisfied. LOL ?

      And yes! The other thing I’ve noticed in Chiang Mai, is that the female songthaew drivers don’t try and haggle with you and increase their prices if you happen to be wearing a backpack on the way back from your yoga class (backpacks make you look like a tourist, lol). So I’d much rather try and find a lady driver, and give her the extra as a tip.

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