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Live Raw Foods Pad Thai Zucchini Salad

Raw food can strike fear in the heart of your average person.

It sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it?

But raw food is very non-confrontational. If you like salads and vegetables, and you already eat a balanced and healthy diet, many of your daily meals are probably already raw and you just don’t know it.

What does the term raw food actually encompass? Raw food usually just means uncooked food, or food in its original state. Karen Knowler over at The Raw Food Coach also says that raw food is anything which has not been heated to above 48 degrees Celsius/ 117 degrees Fahrenheit. And her site lists 24 categories of raw foods – which includes items like sprouted beans (like lentils and chickpeas), sprouted seeds (such as quinoa, buckwheat and chia seeds), dried fruits, oils, spices, and nut butters. I’d originally assumed that oils and butters would be off the list, so this was interesting stuff.

In Toronto, Live Organic Food Bar sells take away raw salads and meals, as well as some cooked vegan options.

So how do these meals actually taste?

I’ve tried a range of Live’s raw meals. Most are mind-blowingly good. One or two are challenging, and remind me of how seaweed salad can start off being delicious and become more difficult with each mouthful.

Truly Tiramisu Dessert

Live Raw Truly Tiramisu Dessert


This dessert is potent. It packs a serious tiramisu punch.

I can detect no difference between this tiramisu and a traditional one. So much so that I even double-checked the ingredients list to see if it had any rum in it! And this is always one of the fun parts about buying Live meals – checking the ingredients lists to see what they use to get it to taste so similar to the processed version. In this instance, nuts, dates, coconut oils and milks, and agave nectar replace the conventional tiramisu ingredients like marscarpone, egg and cream.

However, it is strong, and the espresso taste can be overwhelming for someone like me who doesn’t even drink coffee.

But, a few mouthfuls was delicious and it meant I had dessert for a few days.

Labels: Gluten-free, dairy-free, no refined sugar, vegan, raw, hand-made.

Golden Flax and Corn Wraps

Live Raw Corn and Flax Wraps

If you’re looking for a tortilla style wrap that’s gluten-free, these are amazing.

They’re yummy, healthy, gluten free and how on earth did they make them so easy to use and to not fall apart? I don’t know how, but they’ve avoided that difficulty that many GF options seem to have.

These are a staple part of eating wraps for me when I’m eating raw food.

Labels: Gluten-free, dairy-free, no refined sugar, vegan, raw, hand-made.

Kale Caesar Salad

Live Raw Kale Caesar Salad

Even my staunch meat eating, vegan and raw-food hating North Nomad said this one smelled really good. I think what he could smell was the combination of garlic and capers (what we call the anchovies of the vegan/vegetarian world).

This one was so, so tasty, and surprisingly so.

Entering the vegan world I became aware of what I call “vegan lies”. They start off with “it tastes just like…” and THEY ARE LIES. You know what avocado chocolate mousse tastes like? Bloody avocado, not chocolate mousse. So when I first try something that is meant to taste like something non-vegan, I can be a little apprehensive.

What does taste similar to a regular Caesar salad, much to my surprise, is the dressing. It’s creamy, salty, and oh-so-moreish.

The salad incorporates kale, beets, and a variety of sprouted seeds which are nothing like your usual casear salad, but they’re still delicious. The croutons are sheer raw food genius, dense and crunchy, made with sprouted goodies, and a mixture of oils and spices.

Labels: Labels: Gluten-free, dairy-free, no refined sugar, vegan, raw, hand-made.

High Vibe Kelp Noodle Salad

Live Raw High Vibe Kelp Noodle Salad1

“It tastes just like the ocean!” I said to North Nomad.

This was my initial excitement. But half-way through, I had to admit defeat.

My mouth felt like I’d been drinking saltwater for days and I had serious prune-mouth going on. This was the salad I was referring to when I said some of the Live offerings were a little challenging.

I like the taste of it because I love salt, but it does get hard to eat much in one sitting – I put half aside for a later meal. If you wanted something extremely healthy and good for your body, I’d recommend this salad. Made up of kelp noodles, sea vegetables, sprouted seeds, cucumbers, herbs and spices, this is one is nutrient dense.

Labels: Gluten-free, dairy-free, no refined sugar, vegan, raw, hand-made.

Pad Thai Zucchini Noodle Salad

Live Raw Zucchini Pad Thai

Despite the lack of similarity to the traditional dish, it’s delicious.

This tastes nothing like pad thai noodles, but it is amazing.  And in fairness, the ginger and almond butter dressing does taste like peanut satay sauce.

I am a sucker for satay flavours and the tender zucchini noodles are surprisingly tasty. When I read raw zucchini noodles on the label, I assumed they’d be hard and crunchy, but these act and feel like strands of noodles or pasta. This salad’s really pretty with its orange carrots,red peppers (capsicum) and tomatoes, green zucchini, and purple cabbage. 

Labels: Gluten-free, dairy-free, no refined sugar, vegan, raw, hand-made.

Detox Bowl

Live Raw Detox bowl

This reminds me of a more palatable version of the Kelp Bowl. It’s got some similar ingredients, but I find that the sweetness of the berries offsets the saltiness of the kelp noodles here, making it not just easier to eat for one meal, but impossible to save half for the next meal because it’s so good.

The Detox Bowl is chock full of nutritious super foods – kelp noodles, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sprouted seeds and a berry mix, topped with a tamari based dressing.

Labels: Gluten-free, dairy-free, no refined sugar, vegan, raw, hand-made.

Rainbow Kale & Walnut Salad

Live Raw Kale Beet Salad

This is the salad I would recommend to anyone trying their first raw meal. The beets, carrots, nuts and raisins give a nice texture and flavour to this kale salad. The dressing is tahini based with garlic and tamari, and a nicely complements the other ingredients.

It’s not a deconstruction of a traditional dish, so you won’t be disappointed if you’re new to raw food or vegan food. And it’s very similar to a lot of traditional chopped or summer salads.

Live also has a restaurant at Liberty Village that I am dying to visit before we leave Toronto this Summer.

Have you ever tried gourmet raw food? Or is your version of raw food a green salad?

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    • Jo, have you ever been to the restaurant in Liberty Village? I always pick up the salads and desserts from Noah’s, but I’m yet to try the actual restaurant. We’re leaving Toronto at the end of May and I’m dying to visit it!

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