Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove - Review by North & South Nomads

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove

Annagrove is in an interesting part of Sydney.

It’s a beautiful area, leafy, green, and has that feeling of semi-rural life. You’re in the bush, residential land sizes are huge, yet, you’re still close to the highways so you’re not too isolated.

There’s also a large range of restaurants in this area. Now, it would seem a bit random going to this suburb, but North Nomad and I were staying with my parents in the Bilpin area, and meeting up with Kat (my high school bestie) and her fiancée Nathan, who were in Castle Hill.

Not only did we have the challenge of trying to find somewhere all of us could eat in harmony – the meat eaters, the vegans, and the health conscious (and not so health conscious), but we also needed to find somewhere that was relatively in the middle of the Hills District and the Upper Hawkesbury.

Quite a list of selection criteria for a restaurant on a Tuesday night!

After some Google searching, we found Kashi at Annangrove, and agree to meet at 7:30pm.

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove - Review by North & South Nomads

North Nomad and I arrive a little early. We don’t have a booking, and the manager (owner?) checks over his bookings for the night. The restaurant is perhaps a quarter full at this stage, and I’m wondering if there’s a big night planned.

We are seated in a vibrant pink and orange side room while he gets a table ready for us. It would have been nice to have been offered a menu or a drink, but we’re left to our own devices. About 10 minutes later, Kat and Nathan walk in, and we’re seated.

Flipping through the menus, we discuss sharing starters, and having our own mains. It’s the easiest way when you’ve got friends together who have drastically different eating requirements.

The menus is split into vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. It’s not clear which are vegan friendly from the menu, and Indian almost always has vegan friendly dishes, so I ask the waiter when he comes back around to take our orders.

He hesitates, and seems  a little uncertain when he  mentions a couple of dishes. I think this may just be his temperament, and I feel a little guilty that I didn’t ring up to discuss my dietary requirements with them and give them a bit of warning. We work out that the kopi shinghara as the entrée, and the Dhabe ki Daal Tadka as a main are vegan friendly.

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove - Review by North & South Nomads

Kat and North Nomad get the Chicken Tikaa entrée to share, and Nathan shares the Kopi Shinghara with me.

For mains, North Nomad orders the Butter Chicken for a main (no such thing as too much chicken for him), and Kat and Nathan get the vegetable nravatan korma, and the Cholar Daal Norkol Diye.

I order the roti with mine, and my waiter says okay in a surprised tone (which makes sense later on); everyone else has naan.

The entrees arrive, and the chicken tikka comes out on a sizzling hot plate, with an impressive billow of steam coming from it.

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove - Review by North & South Nomads

The kopi shinghara is a plate of samosas. The samosas are nice and crispy on the outside, and a nice mix of chunky veggies inside. I hate it when the mixture inside is pulverised beyond recognition.

I’m not sure whether the accompanying sauce is vegan though, so I go without. Kat and North Nomad make approving noises about their entrée!

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove - Review by North & South Nomads

The mains, roti and naan arrive. Nathan and I are both happy with our daals. They have that delicious creamy quality that well cooked lentils and beans get.

Sharing the daal and veggies, Kat and Nathan report that their vegetable korma is also delicious. North Nomad, always a man of few words when eating, likes his butter chicken.

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove - Review by North & South Nomads

When I crack into my roti, I realise why our waiter was surprised. It’s covered in ghee, which I’d assumed to be oil.

I was a little surprised given I told him I was vegan, he didn’t warn me, but these things happen. Vegan mistakes, I call them.  North Nomad is happy to snap up the roti I don’t eat!

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove - Review by North & South Nomads

Our meals were good, and it’s a nice restaurant. It still didn’t get much busier, but it was a Tuesday night after all.

Website: kashiindian.com.au/

Location: 233, Annangrove Road, Annangrove NSW 2156

Contact Details: Phone: 02 96 790 790, Fax: 02 96 790 791, Email: contact@kashiindian.com.au

Opening Hours: Lunch: Friday to Sunday (12:00pm – 2:30pm), Dinner: Monday to Sunday (5:30pm – 10:00pm)


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7 thoughts on “Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove

  1. I loveeee Indian food! And I’ve kinda decided that I should not read blog posts on food after dinner, because it just makes me want to go back and eat another meal. (And another, and another, and another…)

    Samosas are wonderful! Once upon a time in grad school, I entered an Indian-food eating contest with friends and I was sent to destroy the samosas! Let’s just say that I almost choked to death. ._.

  2. I love this post! I really enjoying going out to restaurants and eating Indian food and enjoy reading other peoples experiences of places… Annangrove looks great! The samosas look delicious, glad you enjoyed your meal there minus the Vegan mishap!

  3. I have been on this non-stop Indian food craving. I’ll have some and then still want to eat it again the next day! The dishes look super yummy; sorry to hear the service wasn’t very great.

  4. Looks amazing. I LOVE Indian food, and I don’t eat it nearly enough. Though I’m not vegetarian, my go-to meal is always Channa Masala, which (I think?) is vegan. Always have to get the naan and the roti…. OMG I think we are going to have to get Indian food tonight.

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