Iceland Explodes With Color

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Iceland Explodes With Color

Iceland by Color

The saying goes “Greenland is covered in ice, though Iceland is very nice” and those traveling through Iceland during the summer months of June and July are sure to agree. With 24 hours of daylight (that’s right, the sun never sets), vibrant green fjords rise up from the mist of geothermal lagoons, spectacular waterfalls thunder with a powerful force, and beautiful Icelandic horses roam free along the isolated roads.

Surprisingly, Iceland is a country which absolutely bursts with color, and a road trip through this majestic land during summer will be more vibrant than the regular traveler could have ever possibly imagined.

Iceland by Color






















While driving the popular Ring Road, the scenery offers travelers more shades of green than you could have ever imagined existed. Glittering ice caps pierce the sky in an explosion of the purest form of blue. Cracked lava fields, florescent urban housing, and a sky illuminated during winter by the spectacular Northern Lights – Iceland explodes color, and those who travel with the perception that the country is purely covered in ice are in for a fairly dramatic surprise!

This is a guide to Iceland by color.

Where to go for Green

Iceland by Color


During summer, after the winter ice melts, the vast majority of the country is covered in a vivid green, though the Snaefellsnes Peninsula is a particularly beautiful and awe inspiring drive.

100km in length, the drive takes you past incredibly lush fjords, through beautiful National Parks, and right up to dramatic falls. It covers a diverse and fascinating range of landscapes which includes craters, waterfalls, glacier, fumaroles and basalt cliffs, and it’s easy to become distracted by the gorgeous Icelandic horses roaming freely along the road.

The beautiful natural landscape and the intensity and prevalence of the color green truly defy’s all comparisons.

Where to go for Blue

Iceland by ColorJökulsárlón is a stunning glacial lagoon in Southern Iceland, and absolutely should not be missed.

Sitting on the edge of Vatnajökull National Park set between by jagged snowcapped mountains and intimidating glaciers, the lake provides outstanding views of glittering ice caps which eventually float from the lagoon out into the Atlantic Ocean.

On the opposite side of the glacial lagoon sits a black volcanic sand beach, where travelers have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the icebergs which have washed ashore. The contrast between the black sand and the crystal clear slabs of ice is breathtaking, and nowhere else in the world will you see icebergs in a more beautiful shade of blue.

Where to go for Yellow

Iceland by Color

Located at the base of a spectacular volcano, Namafjall is a high-temperature geothermal area with a barren landscape so beautifully gold you will gape in awe.

It’s like being on another planet – colorful, vivid minerals make this natural attraction a truly awe-inspiring sight to behold. Sulfur crystals of many different colors give the area its coloration, and the natural beauty of the area is enough to turn any amateur into an instant photography pro.

Where to Find Fluro

Iceland by Color


Iceland’s capitol of Reykjavik is truly where color explodes. A typical city walking tour takes in the major tourist sites – the Althingi Parliament, the Old Cathedral, City Hall, the National Theatre, and the vibrant waterfront to name a few. But those who throw down their map and are happy to wander off the beaten path will reap the rewards, as the city’s outlying neighborhoods are full of fluorescent color at every turn.

Aimlessly exploring the streets of Reykavik is one of the most fascinating and colorful experiences Iceland has to offer. Every building is a different shade, and there is street art of every color.

One building will house an external wall in hot pink, and the other a fluorescent green. Next door will be a yellow house with a bright red door, and the next a sapphire blue.

Iceland puts on a colorful show

So for those who believe Iceland is completely covered in ice, and has nothing more to show, I have only but one thing to say. It is Greenland which is covered in ice, and in fact Iceland is very, very nice.


Iceland By Color


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