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Hurrier Toronto Canada


Since when did bike couriers become attractive?

My comment to North Nomad after my first Hurrier experience.

I think this company only hires good looking hipster dudes.

My comment to North Nomad after my second Hurrier experience.

Hurrier delivers anything you want in downtown Toronto. But it seems the start-up’s main focus so far has been on food delivery. Though, it can also deliver you booze, Advil, toilet paper, and all other manner of life necessities other than food.

But how does it stack up in reality? Are bicycle couriers as good, or better than getting your food delivered by car? It’s certainly better for the planet and for the collective health of the community — but do your goods arrive in their intended state? Does it take longer than cars? And does it cost much?

On the three occasions I’ve used Hurrier, I’ve had lunch delivered (us Nomads work from home) from Fresh.  One of the good things about Hurrier is that they’re the only people who deliver from Fresh. I’m yet to see it on Just Eat or any of the ordinary car delivery services.

The ordering process is simple. You type in the address of the place you’re getting goods or food from, and what you want. If it’s a “featured partner” (like Fresh is), you select the Featured Partner and choose from their menu. You then enter your delivery address, then your credit card details.

Hurrier Toronto Canada

Here’s how Hurrier explains their fees:

“Hurrier uses a dynamic pricing model that reflects the amount of work required to make each delivery. Delivery rates are calculated as follows:

  • $5.00 flat-rate delivery charge
  • Plus a $1.75 per kilometer distance fee (measured from the pick-up point to the drop-off destination)
  • Plus a 5% surcharge for any purchases

It’s cheaper than taking a taxi! And to make life easier, all fees (including any purchases) are charged directly to your credit card. An invoice with a scanned copy of your receipt will be sent to your e-mail.”

If, like me, you like being frugal, and also really like Fresh, order three meals at once. I’ve done this on each occasion so I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth for the delivery costs.

How long does it take? Hurrier gives you a delivery window. Obviously, it’s dependent on how long the vendor takes to get the food or goods together. I’ve had my Fresh delivery take 1 hour and 15 minutes during peak lunch times. And I’ve had it take less than half an hour when I’ve had late lunch around 4pm. They send you email updates if it’s going to be later than the estimated delivery window.

Hurrier Toronto Canada

And to the important part… how did my food look and taste? The food tastes great – it’s Fresh after all! And the courier is only doing one delivery at a time, so your meal is guaranteed much fresher (no pun intended) than any other delivery service.

But do bear in mind, your meal may not look so pretty after it’s been on a bike. I learnt the hard way not to order cupcakes. Not that it was Hurrier’s fault – it seems Fresh packed my cupcake into its container upside down.

Even though this was not their fault, Hurrier credited me the amount for the cupcake and gave me a discount code to use on the next occasion – which was unnecessary, but very much appreciated! Why unnecessary? Because daft me didn’t read the FAQs until AFTER the delivery, which clearly stated cupcakes could not be delivered for fear of this very thing happening.

Hurrier Toronto Canada


Advantages: Traffic jams have very little effect on the timing of your delivery. Unlike car deliveries, bikes have more control over the route they take and their shortcuts.  And  if you follow them on Twitter, there are plenty of ways to get discount codes – late lunch discount codes, tweeting your latest delivery discounts, new area discounts etc.

And being a start-up, whenever you have an issue, the guys behind the email address are friendly and eager to help. They’re not jaded like some big fast food delivery joints and they actually want to help you if something goes wrong. It’s a nice change.

Things that could be worked on: Bear in mind – Use Hurrier is a start up. It’s a new company. They’re seeing what works and what doesn’t, and ironing out kinks.

What I’d love to see in the future is being able to order things from more than one location. For me, I might like to get my B12 and spirulina supplements from Noah’s along with my Fresh delivery. Someone else might want potato chips with their LCBO delivery (yes, the lack of variety in snacks available in Canadian liquor stores IS a travesty).

Hurrier Toronto Canada


Latest news: Since we went on our roadtrip through Canada and the States, Hurrier has expanded beyond Toronto’s Downtown Core. They now deliver east of the DVP, so Leslieville and The Beaches are the new Use Hurrier hot spots.  And from a peruse of the FAQs, it seems Hurrier also uses cars on occasion. I’m assuming this is for larger deliveries than food!


Hours of Operation: Weekdays – 11:00am to 9:30PM, Weekends – Noon to 9:30PM.

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