Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse Thailand

Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse Thailand

Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse Thailand

Before leaving Toronto for Thailand, we did a bit of research so we could find a guesthouse to stay in for a week or two whilst we looked for a longer term temporary rental. It was before high season (which starts late October/early November), so we booked a few nights at Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse after doing some research online about its location, and decided we’d play the rest by ear.

Check In, Payment & Room

Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse Thailand

The payment system was a little curious. We had to pre-pay (which I’m fine with, and usually more comfortable with as I know that’s an expense paid for), but rather than paying with a normal online credit card system, we had to pay via PayPal, and send confirmation via email to the manager.

I have a PayPal account, so it’s not a huge issue. But if you don’t use PayPal regularly or don’t have an account, this could be a little bit of a hassle.  Perhaps they’ve changed this since we stayed.

The check –in was easy enough. We were a couple of hours early, and it was stinking hot and humid. So we tried walking around, but between the heat and jetlag we just had to hang out in the courtyard and wait for our room whilst drinking lots of water.

Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse Thailand

The guesthouse building and rooms are on the newer side, and contemporary but still Thai looking in style.

We booked the Junior Suite Room, for 1,990 baht per night. It was spacious, with a large bedroom and sitting area. The King Sized bed was appreciated, but low to the ground and awfully hard, as is the Thai style. Thankfully, the pillows were softer than the bed, so we did have a good sleep.

The shower was in a large room, which was a nice alternative to the Thai wet bathrooms, which can feel like you’re stomping water through the rest of the living area.

Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse Thailand

We were also really appreciative to get the ground floor Junior Suite Room. Though it did not feel hugely private because of the stream of tourists walking past our room to get to theirs, it meant we didn’t have to lug 6 months’ worth of clothes and belongings up a few flights of stairs.

Staff, Ambience & Location

Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse Thailand

The staff here are pleasant, but very unenthusiastic about assisting with anything.  The ambience is relaxed, but there’s no real “feel” to the place.

They forgot to give us our breakfast tokens for our second day (breakfast is free at the guesthouse for every day you are there, but they give you tokens to hand in at the kitchen/café), so we popped over to Good Morning Chiang Mai for breakfast, and ended up staying here for our next few days.

The location is perfect if you’re looking to visit temples like Wat Pan Van and Wat Phra Singh, which are just around the corner, or looking to go to the Saturday or Sunday markets.

Food & Amenities

Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse Thailand


The guesthouse has a tiny café/kitchen set up for breakfasts, which are complimentary for each day you stay. Breakfast was fruit salad and yoghurt, or variations of bacon and eggs and toast (they come in “sets” which you pick and order), so I had fruit, and luckily still had some Vega bars on me from Canada to prevent hanger. North Nomad had eggs and bacon and toast.

There’s no pool or real amenities outside of the breakfast hours, but the guesthouse does provide free bikes to use to get around Old City. I am petrified of bike riding to begin with, but these did look a bit old.

Would We Stay Here Again?

If it was rainy season, it would be fine, but you really do need a pool with humidity in Chiang Mai.  However, it was pleasant enough, and did suit our needs for apartment hunting at the time. In comparison, Good Morning Chiang Mai next door was better value for money, with better breakfasts, a pool, and with much more helpful staff.

Location & Contact Details: 29/8 Ratchamanka Rd. Soi 6 T. Phra Singh A. Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand

29/8 ราชมรรคา 6 ตำบลพระสิงห์ อำเภอเมือง เชียงใหม่

Tel. +66-53-280923,  +66-81-951-8875

e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Cost: Deluxe Room 1,990 Baht per night

Website & Facebook : www.gordchiangmai.com  AND www.facebook.com/GordChiangmaiGuesthouse


12 thoughts on “Gord Chiang Mai Guesthouse Thailand

    • HAHA! Ahh, I think it was the colour of the cement/tiles that had a greeny/yellowy tinge to it. I did dip my fingers in to check out what the water was like (yes, I’m really 3 years old), and it was pretty clear. I did have the same thought at first!

  1. This is such a pretty place! I would be all over them bikes (Back in undergrad, that was my main method of transportation other than walking, so I miss it a lot. ? ) I haven’t been to Thailand in ages, and only ever gone there on a tour with my family from Hong Kong, so the tours usually sent us off on the cheapest places they could find. I’d love to go back there to visit someday!

    • These bikes looked a bit errr unmaintained, hehe. I don’t know whether that’s just me being a nervous nelly because I don’t ride bikes, or whether it’s lawyer me looking at risks. LOL.

  2. This looks like a lovely place to stay! Thailand sounds like such an intriguing place to visit! I’m so glad you were able to make the most out of it! ?

    • Wet bathrooms make me so anxious. They basically have no curtain or door or anything to stop the water from the shower spraying everywhere (though in a lot of places, it’s more like a hose than a shower head), and often no towels to wipe your feet on, so I worry about slipping everywhere!

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