Good Morning Chiang Mai Tropical Inn Thailand

Good Morning Chiang Mai Tropical Inn Thailand

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We came upon Good Morning Chiang Mai when we were staying at another guesthouse next door to it and dropped in for breakfast one day.

Eating in the courtyard by the pool, we realised that it was newly constructed, and had previously just been a café and bar. Interestingly, not one piece of wood is new – each has been recycled to build the guesthouse, and many of the furnishings are vintage. The new rooms looked beautiful, and the pool was very tempting in the October humidity in Chiang Mai.

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We had a chat with the staff, who let us look at the rooms before booking one. We looked at the bungalow, downstairs room, and eventually decided to “splurge” (I say that in inverted commas, as it’s super affordable in guesthouses) on the beautiful and spacious Deluxe Room.


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The room was beautiful. I was so taken by the attention to detail. The furnishings and fixtures were lovely, with items like embellished coloured door handles, and vibrant, embroidered silk robes really popping against the dark word and cement room.

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The room was also really spacious. There was a small balcony overlooking the saltwater pool, chairs for four people to eat at a small table, and more than enough room for our luggage – which contained six months’ work of clothes, our work devices like tablets and laptops, and things like swimsuits, wetsuits and yoga mats.

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And the bed was super comfortable, which is unusual in Thailand. Here, beds are hard. REALLY HARD. But the bed here is a good balance between light and firm.

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The bathroom is also enormous, with a good shower and reliable water heater.  That may seem like an odd thing to mention, but trust me, live in Chiang Mai for a couple of months, and a reliable hot water heater is a god-send! The toiletries are actually really handy, with a razor included. There is a “wash towel” which perplexes both of us at first. We later learn this is because toilet paper is not to be thrown in the toilets in Chiang Mai. You can probably guess what that means. 😉

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Staff, Ambience & Location

The staff and owners are genuinely lovely. They helped us with organising taxis and getting around while we looked for a more long term apartment to live in temporarily while we use our triple entry tourist visas (three entries, for 60 days a pop – just make sure you leave via plane and go outside the country for each entry if you have one, things are tightening in this respect in Thailand).

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Aside from being helpful , the staff are really friendly and teach me how to say things like aroy  (delicious) and narak (cute), so I’m not without a few of my key English words!

It’s also perfectly located in Old City. It’s near the Sunday market, the Saturday market on Walai street, and many temples including Wat Chedi Luang, and Wat Pra Singh.

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Food & Amenities

There are 12 rooms, two deluxe rooms, 9 standard rooms, and one loft. There’s also a small salt water pool, and a pool side bar. It’s close to the airport and operates onsite tour services. And there’s the Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe serving breakfast all day, along with lunch, local coffee and imported teas.

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We only had breakfasts at Good Morning Chiang Mai, eating lunches out with friends and dinners at the markets or using Meals 4 U delivery service.  There’s a lot North Nomad can eat. Unless I’m at a veggie café or a very veggie friendly restaurant, breakfasts can be a bit tricky for me. You’d think toast would be fine (and it usually is) but in Chiang Mai, most bread is made with milk and eggs.

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North Nomad enjoys his western style breakfasts – pancakes, bacon, and fruit.

I asked for my fruit salad and oats with soy milk, explaining I don’t eat dairy. I suspect I was given normal cow’s milk, later learning soy would have been interpreted as soi – which is Thai for lane. It was day three in Chiang Mai, it took me a couple more days to figure this out! The range of teas were lovely, and I really enjoyed the Jasmine tea.

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Would We Stay Here Again?

We’d highly recommend this place to anyone staying in Chiang Mai. It’s luxurious, but reasonably priced. It’s close to the tourist attractions and food markets. There’s a pool, which can be a god-send in the heat and humidity. And the staff are lovely and helpful.

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Location & Contact Details: 29/5, RATCHAMANKHA SOI 6, T. WAT PRAH SINGH, A. MUANG CHIANG MAI 50200 THAILAND  (t) 052 002 424  or 053 278 607 or HOTLINE : +668 6922 3606 € GOODMORNINGCHIANGMAI@GMAIL.COM

Getting There: If you’re going straight from Chiang Mai airport, organise a taxi at the taxi counter inside the airport. It should cost you 150 baht (flat rate for Old City, can be more for outside, bad weather or night times). They will know where Ratchamanka Soi 6 is, as Wat Pra Singh is the most well known temple in Old City.

Cost: Deluxe Room 2,000 Baht per night


13 thoughts on “Good Morning Chiang Mai Tropical Inn Thailand

  1. Looks like a truly lovely place to stay! It’s been nearly 10 years since I’ve been in Chiang Mai–I’d love to visit again someday, though. I know what you mean about hard beds–hotel beds in China are universally hard, it seems!

    • From what I hear, Chiang Mai has changed an awful lot in a decade. We heard a retired lady complain recently that it had changed too much in the past YEAR! And yes, the hard beds in Asia just seem to be a thing. 😉

    • It was really lovely, Miranda. 🙂 We were using it as a base where we could go search for more long term apartments, and it was so nice being able to have it to relax at. 🙂

    • Bailey, Chiang Mai is so lovely! It’s a bit pricey (and far!) to get to from North America, but once you get here everything is really affordable. This place was about $60 per night and it was just wonderful.

  2. Dying. Literally dying. This is just incredible, and seems so tranquil, in the midst of it all. I love their use of color and clean lines, so that yes indeed it is tropical, but subtly and without whomping you on the head about it. Simply stunning.

    • Noooo, not literally! We can’t have that, Suz! hehehe 😉 But yes, it is a beautiful spot in the middle of Chiang Mai. With all the hustle and bustle of the night markets around it, it is a nice little spot of serenity. The owners have really made a special spot in a city glutted with guesthouses.

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