Five Best Vegan Meals in Toronto

Five Best Vegan Meals in Toronto - by North & South Nomads

Five Best Vegan Meals in Toronto

Living in South East Asia for 6 months, and there are certain things you begin to crave. They feel like luxuries at first, and turn into NECESSITIES.

North Nomad is missing good ol’ fashioned burgers. He’s missing Swiss Chalet. He’s missing poutine and ribs.

Being a vegan in Chiang Mai, I am rather well looked after. The northern Thailand city (though I use the word city loosely) is 90-95% Buddhist, so fresh and expertly prepared tofu is prolific. But even I can get a bit bored with tofu for every mail after six months…

Here’s my top 5 vegan meals in Toronto that I’ve been lusting after whilst in Chiang mai.

  1. Buddha Bowls at Fresh

Five Best Vegan Meals in Toronto - by North & South Nomads

Realistically, I’d have a bowl, a burger, and some onion rings from Fresh for my top favourite vegan meal in Toronto.

But I have to choose one, so I’m going with the bowl.

  1. Sandwich & cupcake from Urban Herbivore

Five Best Vegan Meals in Toronto - by North & South Nomads

Sandwiches and cupcakes are such simple, easy pleasures in the western world for a vegan.

In Thailand, most bread is made with milk and/or eggs. And if you want a vegan filling, you’ve basically got salad, vegetables and tofu as options.

In Toronto, I took for granted the delicious tempeh sandwiches from Urban herbivore, with their delicious salads, and what I wouldn’t do for one of their vegan cupcakes right now.

  1. Tofu Taco from Banh Mi Boys

Five Best Vegan Meals in Toronto - by North & South Nomads

I know I’d had a lot of tofu in the past 6 months, but Mexican and tofu – a fusion that has been embraced by Canada and America – it hasn’t quite hit Asia yet (unsurprisingly).

I’ve been dreaming about these delicious tacos for a while.

  1. Vegan perogies from Sadie’s Diner

Five Best Vegan Meals in Toronto - by North & South Nomads

I haven’t had anything near these pillowy, yet crispy little dumplings since we left Toronto. These are the thing of vegan dreams, I tell you.

  1. Vegan Ceasar Salad and Tirmisu from Live Raw Organic

Live Raw Kale Beet Salad

A good vegan Caesar salad is hard to find. A tasty one that’s healthy is even harder! I am a huge fan of the salads from raw organic, but the stand out for me is always the Caesar salad, it really hits the spot for all sorts of naughty cravings, yet it’s incredibly healthy.

Honourable mentions: tacos from Chipotle (oh how I miss these!), bean sliders at Grasslands, lentil tacos at Hot Beans Tacos, and pretty much most Indian takeaway – Toronto has a talented community of Indian chefs.

What are your favourite meals in your hometown?

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    • I saw on Twitter that they are closing! I’m so glad I got one last visit in before we left Canada. They just don’t do good vegan perogies in Australia — I was telling my family about how good they are in Toronto!

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