Ethical Jobs and Lock The Gate

Ethical Jobs & Lock The Gate - Anti Fracking Fundraising - (Photo Source Lock The Gate)

Ethical Jobs and Lock The Gate

There comes a time in every traveler’s life when the travel ends.

What comes next?

Inevitably, settling down in one country and trying to get into a normal routine.

This has been looming ahead of us for a while. And every time I think it’s just in sight, something crops up to push this further back.

In any event, I have to look at my career options when I get back to Australia: part-time lawyering on a contract basis, full-time lawyering for a charity, or maybe even trying to escape from the clutches of the legal industry.

Our move back to Australia will be about 6 months away, with five months of that being the time it takes Australian immigration to process North Nomad’s permanent residency visa.

And because I like to be prepared, I’ve already been reading the newsletters, articles, and job-listings on EthicalJobs.Com.Au.

Ethical Jobs is like Seek for the altruistic job searcher. “We list community jobs, environmental jobs, not-for-profit jobs and social enterprise jobs that contribute to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world.”

Ethical Jobs & Lock The Gate - Anti Fracking Fundraising - (Photo Source Lock The Gate)

With over 74,000 subscribers to their newsletter, and over 160,000 people visiting its website in January, Australians are committed to working in an ethical environment.

Aside from connecting job seekers to organisations making an ethical difference to Australia (and internationally for Australian organisations), Ethical Jobs also regularly donates to small, Australian not-for-profit organisations. In 2014, Ethical Jobs donated over $19,000 to 10 Australian organisations.

In 2015, they’re going to choose a new not-for-profit organisation to donate to every two months. They’ll match any donations made to them dollar for dollar, up to $10,000.

For a small not-for-profit organisation, this sort of cash injection could be a much needed lifeline. It could be getting their first full-time employee. It could be a PR campaign. It could be new computers and the first couple of months of an office lease.

Ethical Jobs & Lock The Gate - Anti Fracking Fundraising - (Photo Source Lock The Gate)

For February and March, Ethical Jobs is teaming with Lock The Gate,  an organisation committed to stop fracking in iconic Australian areas and agricultural land.

Fracking is a gas-releasing process. The earth is drilled into, then a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and chemicals is injected into the rock to release the gas.

There are significant environmental risks from both the physical process of fracking, and the chemicals involved. It’s a process that’s been banned in South Africa, parts of the United States, France, and Bulgaria.

I had my concerns about the environmental effects of fracking. Personally, I’d prefer more resources and attention given to sustainable energy practices for the future.

Current fracking applications cover tropical wetlands, gorges, and desert in the  Northern Territory. Even Watarkka National Park (Kings Canyon) has an application over it.

Ethical Jobs & Lock The Gate - Anti Fracking Fundraising - (Photo Source Lock The Gate)

If you donate to this cause and help Ethical Jobs match you dollar for dollar, where will your money go?

All of the money raised will be used by Lock The Gate to:

  • Inform regional and remote NT communities and pastoral stations about the impacts of fracking;
  • Support local community groups working to protect our unique and iconic landscapes at risk from fracking, including our National Parks;
  • Translate information into Indigenous languages; and
  • Produce short films about the dangers of fracking for people and the environment.

At the time of writing this, $2, 335.00 has been raised out of Ethical Jobs’s goal of $10,000. It’s looking good already!

Photo Sources: Lock The Gate Alliance

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Last Update: February 9, 2015

17 thoughts on “Ethical Jobs and Lock The Gate

  1. I heart you for this post and support it 100% <3! I love organizations that support sustainability in any way, and had no idea there was a job searcher that specifically located those! I've heard of fracking before, but never actually really knew what it was. 😡 Will attempt to spread the word for you!

  2. I totally agree with you on this! It’s so nice to learn about different organizations that have goals that I truly believe in! Thank you for posting, and it’s definitely made me more aware of fracking!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this info. I live in the US in Oklahoma. It’s one of the top oil and gas producing states and where many top oil and gas companies have their headquarters. We have past California in number of earthquakes each year and are being warned we could have a big earthquake and we are not prepared at all!

    The earthquakes have been linked by many studies to disposal wells which are used with fracking. Just another bad side effect of fracking!

  4. Stumbling and tweeting this post! Like a commenter said above, this has been an ongoing debate in the US. It’s appalling that people don’t seem to care about the long-term or even medium-term consequences of their actions when it comes to the environment.

    And good luck on your eventual job search/major life decisions 😉

    • Thanks Lou! Sadly most environmental policies are put in place by people who care more about winning an election in the short term, than making proper plans for the future.

      Hehehe and also, thanks for the well wishes 😉

  5. Thanks for sharing the website link, I will check it out!

    Oh, and when you find the solution to escape lawyering (or at least make it more rewarding), let me know. I’m all ears.

    • Yeah, it really is a fantastic site. The lawyer roles are generally on the thin side, but they have some good ones up there. If I ever find the solution, you’ll be the first person I grab to escape with me. 😉

  6. Sounds like an absolutely fantastic cause – we’re in more of a similar position than you think lol we’re also looking at moving back to Aus in about 6 months and I’ve also been thinking about how to handle going back into lawyering from our travels.

    Will definitely check out Ethical Jobs – thanks!

    • Ooooh that’s really interesting Meg. I’ll shoot you an email to find out more about your move. Has Mike lived in Australia before? Shawn is really looking forward to going back. Chiang Mai is lovely, but this heat without the ocean is a bit of a killer to be honest.

      And isn’t it a fantastic site?! 😀

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