Ellie Cat’s Cafe Bell

Ellie Cat Cafe Bell Review by North & South Nomads

Ellie Cat’s Cafe Bell

One of my favourite things to do when we lived in Australia was to get in my Subaru and drive from my place in Clovelly to the Blue Mountains. I’d pop some Amy Winehouse on, and take the back way via Bells Line of Road.

There’s nothing quite like a long winding road without traffic lights, in a beautiful part of the world, with some good music to soothe the soul.

On this occasion, our trip is anything but serene! North Nomad and I are about to leave Australia (again) and we’re trying to cram in as many outings as possible in a week before we head back to Chiang Mai.

Bell is a lovely part of the Blue Mountains, and not too far from my parents’ house. We’ve driven past it countless times, and on our way back from a bushwalk to the Glow Worm Tunnel in Newnes, I’m dying to try it out.

Ellie Cat Cafe Bell Review by North & South Nomads

This place has the most spectacular views in the Blue Mountains. If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on accommodation at the Hydro Majestic (which I have done and it was amazing), have a meal at Ellie Cat’s. It has views to rival those the Hydro has across Megalong Valley.

Our visit does not disappoint. The wind is, I feel like I’m about to be swept off the cliff, and I feel alive! It’s one of my favourite feelings in the mountains.

The café experience itself is highly entertaining. I think it must be a local family who own and run the café together. The familiar, light-hearted bickering (which can be heard all throughout the café) makes me feel like I’m in an Australian comedy. Is there a Blue Mountains version of Seachange? These guys make me feel like there should be one.

Ellie Cat Cafe Bell Review by North & South Nomads

I’m the only one eating today, as North Nomad had a meal down in Lithgow. Checking out the menu, there are mostly meaty type meals, but several veggie ones that look like they can be easily modified to be vegan.

When the gentleman comes over to take our order, I ask him if the vegetable wrap can be made without dairy. He explains to me that the lady cooking sautees the vegetables in oil, but he’ll double check for me there is not butter anywhere. He confirms this is the case, success!

North Nomad gets a spider in the meantime, and finishes it so quickly I can’t even snap a photo. Having a conversation, we realise that in Canada they’re made with rootbeer in Canada instead of coke, and called rootbeer floats. It’s the first time he’s had a spider in Australia, and he thoroughly enjoys it.

Ellie Cat Cafe Bell Review by North & South Nomads

My veggie wrap arrives and I wolf it down. The sautéed veggies are nicely done, and I don’t realise how hungry I am until I’m wishing I’d ordered a side of fries with it. I notice some on other people’s plates, and I’m a little envious. They look fantastic!

We leave, full and happy with our food and drinks. If this place had a wine bar out the front and a courtesy bus (wishful thinking when it’s in a remote location, and your family also live in a remote location), this would be the perfect place for drinks when the sun goes down!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ellie-Cats-Cafe/463668203730899

Location: 227 Bells line of road, Bell, New South Wales, Australia

Opening Hours & Contact Details: Daily, 9:00AM to 3:00PM. NB: I did see a post on their Facebook wall saying they are also open Fridays til 8:00PM. (Ph): +61 435 879 435

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    • Oh, I hear you Farrah! We’re in burning season in Chiang Mai at the moment. We can’t see the mountains outside our house because of the smoke pollution. I just want some blue skies and sun again!

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