Steam Whistle Toronto

Steam Whistle Toronto Steam Whistle Brewing is what I refer to as Toronto’s Willy Wonka’s Factory for adults. The brewery is set just up from the harbourfront at the historic Roundhouse in Toronto. It’s a preserved locomotive roundhouse, which is also home to Toronto’s Train Museum. The sun glints off the trains out the front […]

Body Blitz Toronto

Body Blitz Toronto In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, there’s a captain of the spaceship who doesn’t leave his bath — ever. He commands from the bath, he eats from the bath, he socialises from the bath. This would be me, if I had the choice. The bath, or the ocean, or a hot tub, […]

Bunner’s Bakery Toronto

Bunner’s Bakery Toronto When you don’t eat dairy or eggs, trying to get a cake or dessert can be a minefield in a normal baker’s or grocery store. Now, imagine that difficulty, and being intolerant to gluten. And I know that it’s popular on the internet these days to be scathing of those folk who […]