uTalk iPhone and iPad Application – Learn 113 Languages!

uTalk iPhone and iPad Application – Learn 113 Languages! About Be More Than a Tourist. It’s the perfect way to describe this language learning app, which up-skills your tourist game. The uTalk application for iPhone and iPad provides users with free basic words and phrases for 113 languages. uTalk describes itself as a “beginners app […]

Qantas Economy & Bangkok Airways Flights Sydney to Chiang Mai

QANTAS ECONOMY FLIGHT & BANGKOK AIRWAYS FLIGHT SYDNEY TO CHIANG MAI Qantas Economy Flight Have you heard the story about the guy who loved Emirates so much that he got their logo tattooed on his arm? Apparently, the airline’s given him a stack of awesome upgrades since that, and even a birthday party on board […]

Bangkok Airways & Qantas Business Class Chiang Mai to Sydney

BANGKOK AIRWAYS & QANTAS BUSINESS CLASS FLIGHT CHIANG MAI TO SYDNEY Bangkok Airways Flight 907 (Chiang Mai to Bangkok) Check in & Airport Chiang Mai airport is small, like any regional or provincial airport. There are still eastern and western food options, and coffee stores, should you need provisions. But our slightly stressful check-in experience […]