Tips for Shopping Abroad

Tips for Shopping Abroad When traveling abroad, some people like to explore museums, some like to get out into nature, but for others there’s no truer way to experience a place than by shopping its local haunts. And though shopping abroad can be exciting and rewarding, it’s not without its pitfalls, which is why I’ve […]

Vegan Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Vegan Christmas Gift Guide 2017 If you’re a vegan, buying another vegan a gift in the holiday season is a piece of cake. If you’re not a vegan, this can be a daunting task. There is so much stuff that’s off the list. Handbags? Gotta check they’re not made out of leather. Ditto wallets, belts, […]

5 Horror Movies That Make You Want To Travel

5 Horror Movies That Make You Want To Travel Horror movies have some of the most beautiful scenery in cinema. Perhaps a beautiful setting is the perfect contrast for the terrifying, the bleak, and the ugly. This list is a mix of really good movies and really terrible movies, so perhaps the inspiring scenery can […]

Old Dubbo Gaol

Old Dubbo Gaol Humans are inherently drawn to the macabre. Whether it’s television shows that dissect bodies, horror movies with serial killers, or seeing old prisons where executions took place, most people love a dose of horror. A love of horror aside, I did extensive study during my law degree on the criminal justice system, so […]

A Vegan Easter Gift Guide

A Vegan Easter Gift Guide When you’re a small child, Easter is just as exciting as Christmas. As mentioned in our post on the Grace Cathedral, I’m an undercover Catholic! Growing up as a kid, my mother would always try and impress on my sister and I that Easter was far more important than Christmas. […]

uTalk Language Application Premium Giveaway!

uTalk Language Application Premium Giveaway! Last Monday, we reviewed a pretty nifty new iPhone and iPad app from Eurotalk called uTalk. If learning languages is a hobby of yours, or you’re travelling to another country where English is the second language, you will love the uTalk application. As mentioned in our review, the EuroTalk company […]

Monterey Bay Aquarium California

Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the most beautiful aquariums I’ve ever been in. The architecture is stunning and it’s set right on the Pacific Ocean, featuring both indoor and outdoor exhibits. The marine-life enclosures are humane, and the main benefactors of the aquarium, David and Lucile Packard, are animal conservationists, working closely to preserve the marine population. […]