Ned Kelly Museum Glenrowan

Ned Kelly Museum Glenrowan Life was tough in the Australian bush back in the 19th century. It was the time of convict, settlers, bushrangers, and the infamous Kelly Gang. Depending on your background, the Australian bushrangers were either thieves and murderers, or oppressed Irishmen striking back against the English.  Australia’s most famous bushranger is Ned […]

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove

Kashi Indian Restaurant Annangrove Annagrove is in an interesting part of Sydney. It’s a beautiful area, leafy, green, and has that feeling of semi-rural life. You’re in the bush, residential land sizes are huge, yet, you’re still close to the highways so you’re not too isolated. There’s also a large range of restaurants in this […]

Qantas Economy & Bangkok Airways Flights Sydney to Chiang Mai

QANTAS ECONOMY FLIGHT & BANGKOK AIRWAYS FLIGHT SYDNEY TO CHIANG MAI Qantas Economy Flight Have you heard the story about the guy who loved Emirates so much that he got their logo tattooed on his arm? Apparently, the airline’s given him a stack of awesome upgrades since that, and even a birthday party on board […]

Ethical Jobs and Lock The Gate

Ethical Jobs and Lock The Gate There comes a time in every traveler’s life when the travel ends. What comes next? Inevitably, settling down in one country and trying to get into a normal routine. This has been looming ahead of us for a while. And every time I think it’s just in sight, something crops up […]