Butter Chicken Roti Toronto

Butter Chicken Roti

Butter Chicken Roti Toronto Canada

Sometimes I think the gods are just having a laugh when people keep thinking I’m asking for bacon when I say vegan.

On the first occasion, I was at an Indian buffet restaurant in Hamilton. The majority of the dishes had every ingredient listed, but a couple of tasty looking ones were sans lists.

“Are these vegan?” I asked the owner, who was hovering nearby.

“Bacon?” he asked, quizzically.

I laughed. “No, vegan!”

“Bacon?” he said again, a little more firmly.

“No, like, no milk, no cheese, no meat… you know… vegan!”

“Why would you want bacon?” he said getting really impatient and a little aggro.

My friend Tricia stepped in at this point and translated my Aussie accent for him, explaining it was vegan food I was after.  The owner then followed me around to every dish, pointing out what I could and couldn’t eat. His intent was very kind, but his manner was a little scary. I’d go near something just to have a look, and I’d get yelled at “CHEESE! MILK! GHEE!” It wasn’t the most relaxing way to eat at a buffet…

Butter Chicken Roti

I think the Aussie accent must be a hard one for Indian-born Canadians to parse, as I had a recurrence of this bacon/vegan misunderstanding at Butter Chicken Roti.

I should clarify that Butter Chicken Roti was a stress-free experience. The young girl serving understood me when I explained myself, and we had a laugh about my previous vegan/bacon experience. In this instance, there is an entire vegan section of the menu, so she was pretty savvy about my needs!

North Nomad and I had one of those days walking around downtown Toronto doing errands for our sojourn to Thailand (lodge visa applications at Thai Consulate, get my smashed iPhone repaired, get passport photos done), so we were starving and needed somewhere we could both eat at.

Butter Chicken Roti seemed to pop up out of nowhere, and cater to everyone no matter what their dietary requirements, which is fantastic!

Butter Chicken Roti

North Nomad chose his usual favourite Indian meal: the Signature Butter Chicken Roti.

It’s described as a boneless chicken breast in a signature creamy sauce. But it actually comes with a roti around it, so I think it would be similar to an Indian style wrap. North Nomad ordered it without the roti.

Asked by our server whether he’d like it mild, medium, or hot, he orders medium but quickly changes it to mild when she says the medium is still quite hot.

Butter Chicken Roti

The menu is split into two sides: vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

If, like North Nomad, you are a fan of the flesh, the meat side is divided into three columns of chicken dishes, lamb dishes, and shrimp dishes of the same variety: curry rotis, saag rotis, jalfrezi rotis, tikka masala rotis, vindaloo rotis, and korma rotis.

I order the saag chana roti, which is chickpeas in spinach, with medium hotness. Usually I’d try out the extra hot, but we had passport photos to be taken and I didn’t want to be a sweaty mess for them! I also had mine with rice and without the roti.

The vegetarian menu is split into two columns: items 1-6 are vegan, and items 7-11 contain dairy.

There’s a bit more variety to the vegetarian dishes, and if I wasn’t trying to think of my protein, iron and vitamin C intake with this meal (yes, the fascinating life of a vegan thinking about their nutrition when eating out!), I would have tried the Baingain Aloo Roti – sautéed eggplant, potato, and herbs in curry sauce.

Butter Chicken Roti

Our meals come out in “To Go” (Aussie version: take away) containers. And they are enormous!

Both of us really enjoy our meals. The butter chicken is traditional, and very much to North Nomads’ liking. Though he wonders if the mild is very hot, or he accidentally got medium.

Mine is on the hotter side of medium, but still not hot enough to make me sweat for our photos, thankfully.

We also had samosas, which were nice and crispy on the outside, and fluffy and well spiced on the inside. The accompanying sauce was delicious and tangy.

I told North Nomad it’s hard to bugger up a samosa, but it’s the sauce that determines whether it’s a great samosa or just an okay one. These are great samosas indeed.

Butter Chicken Roti

We took our leftover food with us, and it did another three meals for me – a seriously economic dish.

Cost: Samosa with Raita $1e, Saag Chana Roti $7.95 Signature Butter Chicken Roti $11.95 (plus tax – which is not legally required to be included in the prices in Canada. BOOO.)

Location: 398 College St, Toronto ON M5T 158

Contact Details: 416 972 0505 (and they do delivery!) [email protected]

Website: www.butterchickenroti.com

6 thoughts on “Butter Chicken Roti Toronto

    • Oh, Sophie, I can imagine! Water and coffee are two such basic things, yet us Aussies pronounce them SO differently to Americans. We went on several long RV trips through parts of America where they’d never heard a person with an accent before, so you can imagine what their reaction to me was like!

  1. This paints a really amusing picture in my head (the part where he was yelling “Cheese/Milk!” at whichever dish contained it). It’s good that he pointed them out for you though, however stressfully! ?

    I get issues sometimes when I’m trying to figure out if something contains bacon (I can’t have that either). Full of fun, but adds to the adventures of going out somewhere to eat, I guess!

    • Farrah, it was half funny, half scary! I know his intentions were kind, he just had a bit of an intimidating manner (and tone) to him. In retrospect, it was very amusing. And yes, having specific dietary requirements is always an adventure when dining out, isn’t it? ?

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