Bunner’s Bakeshop Toronto – Part 2

Bunner’s Bakeshop Toronto – Part 2

I used to accuse my fellow vegans of “vegan lies”.

Chocolate avocado mousse tastes like standard mousse!


Vegan cheese tastes like dairy cheese!


This sorbet is as good as ice cream!

More f****ng LIES.

I’ve been told by North Nomad, that I engage in these lies, too. Apparently when I say “You’ll love it! It tastes just like normal xxxx (insert something like ice cream, cake, pancake etc etc)” it’s been so long since I’ve had the “normal” version, that it really tastes nothing like it.


Want something tasty for dessert that is so much better than the “normal” version? Soft serve ice cream, butter tarts, cupcakes, date slices… all the sweet treats that your vegan heart desires are at Bunner’s Bakeshop and they taste freaking AMAZING. So much so that one of the top things for me to do on our trip to Toronto from Australia was to visit Bunner’s Bakeshop in Kensington Market again. It had been three years since I’d had those butter tarts, and damn straight I was going to gorge myself on them again.

On this occasion, I basically had a meal of Bunner’s treats. A vegan choc and vanilla soft serve ice cream as a starter, two butter tarts for a meal, and a cupcake for dessert.

Bunner Bakery Toronto (5)

Bunner’s, for the uninitiated, is an entire bakery devoted to vegan and gluten free goods! Who would think? And I can be as scathing of vegan and gluten free baking as people who eat “normal” diets are. A lot of the time it tastes like cardboard and sawdust. After sampling *many* of Bunner’s goods, I can attest that this stuff is freaking delicious. All of these things that I craved and couldn’t get at a normal baker’s, Bunner’s provides.

Over several visits I tried the butter tart, marble cupcake, salted apple caramel cupcake, date slice, and brownie, and their new soft-serve ice cream. For a full list of their breads, baked goods, cakes, cupcakes, savoury goods etc, check out their online menu.

The butter tart is still my stand out favourite. So much so, that one time I was at Bunner’s and some poor innocent bystander asked what they should try, I pounced on her and told her that she absolutely had to try the butter tart and it would change her life. Apparently I’m a good sales person with stuff I love, and she bought the rest of the tarts 😀

On this hot summer’s day, though, the soft serve ice cream is heaven in a cone. Unbeknownst to Australians who’ve never been to Canada, Toronto summers are FIERCE. 35 degrees and 99% humidity days feature heavily. And there’s nothing like soft serve in this weather.

Bunners Bakeshop Toronto


Aside from their sweet offerings, Bunner’s also makes savoury items, like the Veggie Pot Pie, Vegan Mac & Cheese, Chickpea Curry, Chilli Cheese and Pizza Pockets. I haven’t tried any of these yet, as I’m not too shabby with normal cooking – I’m just useless with proper  sweets baking!

Bunner’s also has a cookbook, which I sorely wish I’d nabbed before we left Toronto for Chiang Mai  And they deliver, and cater. They even let you reserve their baked goods, as long as you call with a credit card to reserve them.

Website: http://www.bunners.ca/

Location & Contact Details:

244 Augusta Ave. in Kensington Market (1.5 blocks south of College Street on the West Side of Augusta) 7 days a week: 10am to 7pm 647-350-2975 kensington@bunners.ca


3054 Dundas St. West in the Junction (West of High Park Ave on the North side of the street) Monday-Saturday: 10am to 7pm Sunday: 11am to 5pm 647-352-2975 junction@bunners.ca
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