Bunner’s Bakery Toronto

Bunner’s Bakery Toronto

When you don’t eat dairy or eggs, trying to get a cake or dessert can be a minefield in a normal baker’s or grocery store.

Now, imagine that difficulty, and being intolerant to gluten.

And I know that it’s popular on the internet these days to be scathing of those folk who have gluten intolerances. All sorts of stats are bandied about claiming the majority of people have no problems with gluten. If it wasn’t for two of my friends being severely allergic to gluten, wheat, and yeast, I’d probably not be as sympathetic as I am.

But there are people who struggle with these issues. And for them, getting desserts is just as much of a hassle as it is for people who don’t eat eggs or dairy.

It was like the gods had answered my calls when Bunner’s Bakery arrived in Kensington Market, Toronto. We’d just come back to Toronto after a three month roadtrip across America. I was sauntering around Kensington Market, enjoying the sun, and the odd characters hanging out in Kensington Market, when I came across Bunner’s.

An entire bakery, devoted to vegan and gluten free goods! Who would think? And I can be as scathing of vegan and gluten free baking as people who eat “normal” diets are. A lot of the time it tastes like cardboard and sawdust.

After sampling *many* of Bunner’s goods, I can attest that this stuff is freaking delicious. All of these things that I craved and couldn’t get at a normal baker’s, Bunner’s provides.

Over several visits I tried the butter tart, marble cupcake, salted apple caramel cupcake, date slice, and brownie. For a full list of their breads, baked goods, cakes, cupcakes, savoury goods etc, check out their online menu.

The butter tart was my stand out favourite. So much so, that the next time I was at Bunner’s and some poor innocent bystander asked what they should try, I pounced on her and told her that she absolutely had to try the butter tart and it would change her life.

Bunner Bakery Toronto (5)

She probably just thought I was one of the Kensington Market odd-bods, but they really are this good, I promise. I’ve also never tried a “normal” butter tart, so this was a bit of a revelation for me – I could finally understand why Canadians bang on about how delicious this tart is!

The marble cupcake was sweet, and tasty, but a little too bit on the salty side. It’s also extremely pretty. The salted apple caramel cupcake was delicious; the flavour combinations working so well together.

The date slice was my next favourite, after the butter tart. It’s salty and sweet, and crunchy yet crumbly. Like the butter tart, it manages to taste deliciously buttery, without using any butter.

The brownie is also very good. And yes, I’ve tried normal brownies and it pretty much tastes identical, which is always impressive! You wouldn’t know it’s not a “normal” brownie.

Aside from their sweet offerings, Bunner’s also makes savoury items, like the Veggie Pot Pie, Vegan Mac & Cheese, Chickpea Curry, Chilli Cheese and Pizza Pockets. I haven’t tried any of these yet, as I’m not too shabby with normal cooking – I’m just useless with proper  sweets baking!

Bunner’s also has a cookbook, which I sorely wish I’d nabbed before we left Toronto for Chiang Mai  And they deliver, and cater. They even let you reserve their baked goods, as long as you call with a credit card to reserve them.

Website: http://www.bunners.ca/

Location & Contact Details:

244 Augusta Ave. in Kensington Market (1.5 blocks south of College Street on the West Side of Augusta) 7 days a week: 10am to 7pm 647-350-2975 [email protected]


3054 Dundas St. West in the Junction (West of High Park Ave on the North side of the street) Monday-Saturday: 10am to 7pm Sunday: 11am to 5pm 647-352-2975 [email protected]


21 thoughts on “Bunner’s Bakery Toronto

  1. Yes, a great place. I will second that. And the food is good…so often my experience with gluten-free has not been positive. The cinnamon buns are a sure treat!

  2. I can definitely see how a bakery like this would be just perfection since it meets your dietary needs! I can pretty much never be found in any sort of bakery-most of the time I just don’t like desserts, but I have a big weakness for salty foods…

    • You know what’s funny, Rachel? I didn’t develop a hankering for sweet, baked things, until I couldn’t eat them. I always craved salty foods, and then when I cut eggs and dairy out, I started wondering what things tasted like. My husband sees me staring longingly into all the bakeries in Asia! hehe ?

    • Kensington Market is just fantastic for food, isn’t it? It was a good 40 minute walk from where we lived on the harbourfront in Toronto, but I used to trek out (even in winter) and wander for ages through it.

    • So am I! I absolutely bugger up anything to do with baking. I’m just no good at it, particularly vegan baking. That’s why places like this are wonderful for me. Someone can do it for me without the mistakes! hehe. ?

  3. I have a couple friends with celiac’s, so they would be completely overjoyed to find out about this! (I think it’s a definite plus that the gluten-free craze has made it so they now have wayyy more food options! <3)

    I haven’t been to Toronto in over a decade, but if I ever get to go back, I’m adding this place to my list! <3 I love little bakeries, and the desserts look delicious!

    • There’s so much good food in TO, Farrah! It’s worth a visit for the food alone. ? And it’s great there are such good bakeries for celiacs these days. My two friends who have the severe allergies have been so sick over their lives, it’s nice that they can enjoy tasty things again.

  4. I need to check this place out when I go to Toronto next! It’s so hard for me to find desserts that don’t have dairy in them here in Waterloo and I don’t always feel like making my own.
    p.s. thanks for the sweet craving I’m going to have to attempt to satisfy now haha

    • I have a constant sweet craving in Chiang Mai. Cow’s milk isn’t a common ingredient in Thai cooking, but it’s hard to tell what has it and what doesn’t, so I’m just going without lately. I think I need to do marathon training to lose 20 pounds before we’re back in TO, so I can fill up all that weight with Bunner’s food! hehe.

    • Yes! That would be so much harder for you, Chelsea. Often in veggie or vegan cooking people replace dairy with nuts, and when you have an allergy, it can get soooo hard to find sweet things.

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