The Bourbon Kings Cross

The Bourbon Kings Cross

The Bourbon Kings Cross  Australia

“We can go. It even has a vegan burger for you!” – My girlfriend Sam, to me.

Sam is hilariously blunt at times about my eating habits and tells me my food sounds gross when I’m eating plant-based-this and vegan-that.

Somehow she is skinny and gorgeous and can eat like a front-rower. Life is a bit unfair like this!

On this visit to Sydney, North Nomad and I are staying with Sam at her place on the water in Elizabeth Bay. It’s a gorgeous apartment that she has always graciously offered to us when we’ve been in Australia.

Sam has hunted around for a venue in the Inner City/East where we can all eat. That includes pain in the arse me, who can’t eat meat, dairy, or pretty much anything the rest of our friends eat.  I’m the only vegan in the village! 😀

Luckily, the Inner City and Eastern Suburbs in Australia are pretty well equipped to deal with different dietary requirements. And knowing North Nomad and I have a hankering for burgers after 60 days in South East Asia, she picks The Bourbon in Kings Cross.

Because I’ve barely had a drop of alcohol in 60 days, I decide to be sensible and start off with a cocktail. (I really need a *sarcasm* font, I think), and progress to beers, while we mull over the menu.

The Bourbon Kings Cross  Australia - Restaurant review by North & South Nomads

The menu has a definite American feel to it. The starters include Southern Fried Chicken, lobster dumplings, crab tacos, smoked brisket, buckets of prawns, and squid salad. It reminds me of our travels through Louisiana in early 2012.

Aside from the starters, there’s a good selection of mains. But our group is focused on the burgers and rolls.

We notice that the burger isn’t vegan. The Smokey Bean Burger with five beans, sweet potato, iceberg, house slaw, bbq sauce sounds delicious, but has a little (v) symbol after it for vegetarian, not (vg) for vegan. I’m guessing they use eggs to bind it together.

Sam seems a little heartbroken for me; she knew I really wanted a burger. Not to worry, I also love salads (I’d be a rubbish vegan if I didn’t!), so I’m quite happy to settle with the quinoa salad (vegan and gluten free).

The Bourbon Kings Cross  Australia - Restaurant review by North & South Nomads

North Nomad orders Bernie’s Burger, sans the mushrooms sauce. Kris and Blake share the lobster dumplings – the bar staff taking our order tell us it’s very tasty. Kris and Sam have the lobster rolls, and Blake has the grilled chicken roll.

I’m not sure what happened at the Bourbon on this occasion, but everyone apart from me says their meal is okay, but not fantastic.

The Bourbon Kings Cross  Australia - Restaurant review by North & South Nomads

The dumplings were a little soupier than Kris and Blake expected, the girls weren’t expecting the lobster on their rolls to be shredded, and the grilled chicken and Burner’s Burger were “okay” (Blake and North Nomad are clearly men of few words when it comes to describing food!).

I’m pleased to report, however, that my quinoa was salad was absolutely delicious. And definitely one of the tastiest salads I’d had in a long time. The salad is made up of mixed leaves, radishes, tomatoes, fennel, sweet corn, capers, pepitas, house dressing.

The Bourbon Kings Cross  Australia - Restaurant review by North & South Nomads

I love the tanginess of the dressing and the bite of the capers. Capers just make a salad, don’t they? The cruch of the pepitas is nice against the soft pop of the quinoa. The flavours work so well in this salad.

After we finish our drinks, we head home.

I may have been the only one ecstatic with my meal, but we enjoyed the ambience of the Bourbon, and the staff were lovely and efficient.

I find in Sydney these days, hospitality staff can be a little aloof at best, rude at worst, so having nice waitresses and bar tenders was very much appreciated. It was honestly some of the best service I’ve had in Sydney in the past few years.

The Bourbon also does brunch, which I’d be very interested in going to. Probably to have the quinoa salad again!


Location: 22 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia

Contact Details: +61 2 9035 8888

Opening Hours: 9:00 am – 2:00 am



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  1. ERMIGERDDDDD I want it all. All of it. I might fly around the world for it. But only if you join me, of course. I’ll take the risk of it being meh, but it would be lovely if we could all be ecstatic. I do hate it when something doesn’t live up to its awesomeness, though. Now I’m having second thoughts. DAMMIT.
    And love Sam–that is totally what Alex would say, too–he gets so happy when their are things on the menu for me!

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