Body Blitz Toronto

Body Blitz Toronto

Body Blitz Toronto - Review by North & South Nomads

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, there’s a captain of the spaceship who doesn’t leave his bath — ever. He commands from the bath, he eats from the bath, he socialises from the bath.

This would be me, if I had the choice. The bath, or the ocean, or a hot tub, or a pool. I’m not fussy. 😉

That’s why I’ve adored my trips to Body Blitz Day Spa in Toronto.

Body Blitz is a women’s only day spa that emulates the old Roman bath house days of therapeutic waters and communal bathing.

It has two locations in Toronto; Body Blitz East and Body Blitz West.

Aside from being a luxurious experience, the waters are said to have health benefits.

Among its wide list of benefits on the website, the enticing ones were: the warm Dead Sea salt pool for pain relief and joint mobility, the hot Epsom salt pool for skin conditions and muscle pain, the cold plunge pool to increase energy levels, the aromatherapy steam room to increase circulation and assist respiratory issues, and the infrared sauna to rid the body of toxins and impurities.

The entry price gives you a 2.5 hour visit to the waters (the spa advises longer visits can be unhealthy and cause dehydration). If you book a beauty treatment or massage, access to the waters is free.

Body Blitz Toronto - Review by North & South Nomads

I booked in for “The Works”: a body wash, body scrub, scalp treatment, face mask,  face serum, face moisturizer, body moisturizer, hair wash and conditioner.

The receptionist hands me the usual information and waiver sheet to fill out and asks if I’d like to purchase a drink from the café, which will be brought to me while I’m using the waters. I choose a soy milk, cocoa, honey and Vitamin D smoothie, sans the honey.

Next, I’m taken with two other patrons on a tour of the spa.  We’re given a handy, laminated guide of the recommended order we should use the waters in, and it’s explained this order is specifically designed for maximum benefits.

I’m full of questions: “How do we know which beverage is ours when it arrives? How does our spa therapist know who we are to get us for our treatment?”

Our guide good-naturedly responds. Then we’re taken to the change rooms and given a personal locker, with rubber sandals (they’re like Haviana thongs for our Australian readers, but don’t call them thongs in Canada, because that means something entirely different when in the northern hemisphere!) robes, and towels.

The spa also sells bikinis. You can wear swimwear, but nudity is embraced in the female-only environment.

Body Blitz Toronto - Review by North & South Nomads

The waters are amazing. The cold plunge pool is a bit of a shock when you move from a warm pool to 16 degrees Celsius water, but I get to enjoy the extremities.

I want to dip under the water in the Dead Sea pool, but I worry that this is poor etiquette and instead splash the water over my face.

Walking from pool to pool, it feels a little European with swimwear being optional. Our guide told us that some days you get a lot of nude women, some days not.

I respond with “But everyone’s wearing more than you wear on a beach in Australia!”

She giggles and says perhaps Canadians are more conservative.

In any event, I think my bare skin has made some women a bit more comfortable, as three previously bikinied women strip off after about 20 minutes of me using the waters.

And one of the wonderful things about this place is the bodies.

There are skinny women, chubby women, athletic women, curvy women, lean women, petite women… It’s very real and there is no comparison or judgment. It’s a wonderful environment to be in where you remember that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and you can look fantastic in various states of being dressed and undressed, no matter which shape or size you come in.

Body Blitz Toronto - Review by North & South Nomads

The treatment itself was the most unique day spa treatment I’ve experienced. For “The Works”, you put on a disposable g-string and your entire body is washed, and then scrubbed with your choice of scrub – lime mint, eucalyptus or ginger. It’s like a mini massage in itself. You’re washed again and massaged with lotion, which includes what was possibly the best hand and foot massage I’ve ever had.

The mini-facial is next, then your hair is washed and conditioned, which for me is necessary after bathing in the Dead Sea salt pools. While your hair is being done, the green clay mask from the mini-facial hardens.

The whole process takes well over an hour, and I’m about ready to drift off into a relaxation induced sleep when I am helped up and into my robe.

Body Blitz Toronto - Review by North & South Nomads

Next is the blow dry room, where there is every product you can imagine available for you to do your hair the way you like it. The room is bright and clean, and the vanity can seat 6+ women. The vanity set up includes hair dryers, diffusers, hair spray, hair gel, combs, brushes, hair elastics, deodorant and body lotion – a great selection but I would have liked a good hair serum for us ladies with curly hair. And possibly some cleanser and moisturiser for those just visiting the waters and not having a treatment.

It’s a decadent experience and one I hope I can experience again next time we’re in Toronto.


Location: 471 Adelaide St. West, (east of Portland St.) and 497 King St. East
(east of Sackville St.) Toronto, Ontario

Cost:  Entry to the waters is $44 every Tuesday and $54 Wednesday to Monday.

Passes are available: five visits with a sixth free for $270, $550 for 3 month memberships, and an annual membership is available for $1600.

Cost for “the Works” $205 for a 90 minute treatment including access to the waters.

4 thoughts on “Body Blitz Toronto

  1. This sounds right up my alley, I wish this kind of place would open in Australia. If you haven’t been before, you have to try the baths in Baden-Baden, Germany, there is an AMAZING old Roman bath there…

    • Australia is sorely missing a venue like this, isn’t it? I hope someone opens one up in Sydney or Melbourne one day. St Kilda Sea Baths doesn’t quite cut it. 😉

  2. ye. a fake spa, full of fake people. fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake water, fake drinks, fake everything. they arent people , they are androids. and you must be too.

    • I’m going to let this comment through because it’s hilarious. You got me — I’m an android, with fake boobs, fake hair, fake everything! LOLOLOL.

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