Blogs To Watch In 2015

Blogs To Watch In 2015

Last year, we rounded 2014 off with a post on our favourite blogs of the year. We focused on travel and food.

It’s 2015 and time to look ahead. So we’re going to share blogs with you that we’ve been reading more recently. And in the spirit of new year’s and all that jazz, these blogs have a health, fitness, and lifestyle focus. If we haven’t included your favourites, feel free to give them a shout out in the comments!

Health & Fitness

Pilates Body Workout 

One of my goals for 2015 was to increase the amount of pilates I did from 2014. When we were living in Toronto full time, I was doing about 4-6 classes per week, and I’m down to two at the moment.

One of my favourite instructors when I started up in Toronto was a very pregnant Natalya, who could stretch more easily in her final weeks of pregnancy than most people I know ever could!

Natalya’s website is keeping me inspired and ready to get more active with my practice again. Aside from pilates articles, she also writes about diet, recipes, and general fitness and health.

Suz Lyfe 

I came across Susie in a blogging group. She’s one of those people I admire and look up to, and when I have days when I’m feeling lazy, I think if Susie can do it, I can pull myself out of my laziness and do it too.

Susie’s sweet, and funny, and extremely positive. She’s a personal trainer, too, so really motivated and energetic. And in spite of all this, she lives with Chrohn’s Disease, which can be very debilitating. Her blog is filled with inspirational fitness posts and tempting recipes.

Fairy Burger 

Fairy Burger is Farrah Whey’s fitness and food junkie blog. I do love a woman with a healthy appetite and a love of exercise. Seriously, this is how we are meant to live! Farrah, like Susie, is another blogger whose site I visit when I need positivity and inspiration. And she manages to maintain this well balanced life and blog while doing med school.  Check out her Best of Fairy Burger in 2014 to see a round up of her fitness, health, and food posts.

Wild Juggling

We included Chris on our Best Blogs of 2014. He’s such an inspiring character with his attitude to fitness, health, and diet, that I couldn’t leave him off this list.

I met Chris Pert on Twitter and he is one fascinating guy. He’s an avid marathon runner, and a vegan. After a car accident, he started juggling while running as a way to rehabilitate his injuries.

These days he’s an avid “joggler”. I couldn’t even run a marathon, let alone juggle the whole way through, so I’m constantly impressed with him. He’s also one of the most intelligent, sensible vegans I know, which is refreshing in a niche of the internet where anti vaccination scare mongering runs rampant.


Suzy81 Speaks

Suzy writes posts I wish I could have written.  When I share them on Facebook with my friends, every woman I know identifies with what she’s written. Her wisdom about life, relationships, and happiness is something that shines from the page.

If you need some inspiration for leading a happier life this year, please check out her blog posts on : 9 Things We Don’t Owe Anybody  and The Tale of A Sociopath.  They’re ones that have inspired me and I’ve identified with.

Mommy Sanest

Lou’s tagline made me laugh as soon as I saw her blog “Dabbling in the Art & Science of Sane Parenting”.  And it’s that humour mixed with reality that I love reading.  Despite having no children, none on the way, and no plans for any in the near future, I love reading her blog.

I feel like she’s one of the most real mothers I’ve ever come across, and her posts about her experiences are some of the best advice moms to be can get. In particular, I’ve enjoyed her posts on What Surprised You The Most About Motherhood  and The Pitfalls of Flexible Work Arrangements & How to Avoid Them.

What blogs are you reading for 2015?

10 thoughts on “Blogs To Watch In 2015

    • No worries at all Rachel, I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog in 2015, too. I laughed so hard at the questions you got for the TV interview!!! And Farrah’s blog is great. I love her recipes, and her upbeat nature. ?

  1. Super late comment (yay med school, my excuse for everything in life! ? ), but thank you so, so much! I’m super honored to be a part of this post, and so glad that we found each other through the blogging world! <3 Your IG posts brighten my day, and I love reading your reviews on different places! :] (I get to at least feel like I’m traveling somewhere gorgeous! ? )

    Yay for Susie’s blog! She’s one of my favorites as well, and I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the others! :]!

    • I think med school’s a pretty good excuse for most things. ? And thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me. ? I love seeing your happy, positive words across the internet and it always brightens my day too. I’m trying to get even healthier and fitter this year, and having people like you and Susie really makes me feel like I can achieve that. ?

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