Best Blogs of 2014

Best Blogs of 2014

Best Blogs of 2014

Pre 2012, I read one blog religiously. ONE BLOG. I can’t be accused of lack of commitment I guess!

This year, I’ve been reading a whole stack of new blogs. Part of our travel prep is reading other blogs. I know I can trust most travel and food bloggers to give honest opinions on accommodation and dining venues. And they include a good round up of information with these posts – contact details, costs, tips and hints.

So what are our Best Blogs of 2014? Read on to see our recommendations for food, travel, and vegan blogs.


This year we’ve been all over America and Canada (which I feel we’re pretty hand with these days). In October, we relocated to Thailand to sort out permanent residency visa applications – a rather hefty ton of information is required for these! Getting visas to Thailand itself is a little complicated, and we relied on travel blogs for a lot of the more practical information you need.

Anglo Italian Follow Us

Dale & Franca have been together for just over five years now, and travelling long term for two years or so. Dale is English, Franca is Italian, and recently they’ve been living in Berlin for a few months. I’ve loved seeing their detailed posts on architecture, art, and political and topical issues in travelling, and their gorgeous photographs bring these posts to life. Watching Dale& Franca try out veganism for a month awas a journey I loved sharing with them (we were lucky to be featured in one of their posts on Vegan Travel Tips!).

They’ve also got a free eBook for subscribers on Long Term Travel On a Budget, if you have a look-see on the top right hand side of their blog. ?

Anxious Travelers

Dan and Jamie make me laugh on a regular basis. These two show behind the veil of travel. Most of us put forward a rather luxurious or happy front of what travel looks like, but these two show us about the trials and tribulations of travel.

Ever feel anxious about airports, customs, visas, flying, bedbugs, or having marijuana pushed on you in Amsterdam? These guys have got it covered. I think their life in New Zealand these days is a bit more sedate (or relaxed, I hope!), so you still get to see posts with fantastic scenery and oceans from them.

British Berliner

Victoria is fabulous! She, her partner, and “The Tall Young Gentleman” (her young son who is taller than everyone they meet) travel across the globe.  She was one of the bloggers who generously answered my questions about Chiang Mai life. Her Thailand posts gave me some fantastic insight on how to navigate tourist sights, and the less touristy, more off the beaten track activities.

They’re back in Berlin now, from the extreme heat of Thailand to the snowy depths of Christmas in Germany. But before you dive into their Berlin lives, check out Vicky’s post on hiking inside a volcano.

Cosmos Mariners

Natalie brings you travel posts all the way from Charleston in America. She and I share a mutual love of all things Disney, and I’ve been catching up on her Disney exploits on her blog. She also has a love of the UK, and sharing tales of her local Charleston with the world, so jump aboard. I recommend starting off with the Disney series of posts! ?

Neil Bushwalking

Neil Fahey’s award winning blog has kept me warm through those cold Canadian winters without hikes in the Australian bush.  I adore the Australian landscape. No matter where we’ve travelled in the world, nothing beats the sandstone mountains in Australia and our dense bushland.

Two of my favourite posts from Neil’s blog are The Grand Canyon Track  in NSW’S Blue Mountains and Fainter Falls in Victoria.

Andi’s Misadventures

Andi truly is a global wanderer. You just have to check out her schedule for next year (already) to see that: Seattle, Yosemite, Boston, Greenland, Iceland – and that’s only the first half of the year. Having lived in France, there’s a Franchophile vibe, too.  She has a weekly series introducing her readers to travel and food blogs, and I’ve quickly become a keen fan of these posts.

Outback Expat

Send a British girl to the Aussie Outback, and there’s bound to be hilarity. I’ve only recently discovered Vicky’s blog, and I’m thoroughly entertained by her adventures in the North End. She’s discovering Darwin with her Australian partner, organising her requalification as a lawyer in Australia (she’s been one in England for years), and entertaining us with her visa application experiences. We’re doing North Nomad’s visa application soon, so I’ve also been following her permanent residency application with interest to see how the process goes!

Kuanyin’s Travels

Denise is a single 34 year old mother, teaching English in a remote part of Thailand, with her son Kuanyin in school in Thailand. I’m fascinated by their travels, on one hand they parallel with ours, being in a less decadent and tourist driven part of Thailand, and on the other they are so different being a single mother, a little boy, and teaching English where very few people speak English.

Derek Freal

My favourite thing about Derek, and his blog, is watching him get in and out of fantastic travel scrapes with a smile, and lots of good humour. I think his most famous one was saying a few words of distate about the customs procedure in Indonesia via Twitter, and promptly being arrested.

He’s heading back to Indonesia currently, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for him next! Aside from getting in and out of trouble, he’s a great travel writer. Check out his post on Sri Lanka’s oldest Buddhist temple.

Mapping Megan

I first came across Megan’s blog via Twitter.  An RT (retweet) bounced across my feed, a tribute to her friend who had passed away. A few months earlier I’d tried to get in contact with an old friend while in Australia. I couldn’t understand why she’d not accepted my friend request or responded to my message inviting her to my hen’s party, and then realised she’d passed away from cancer. I was really touched by Megan’s tribute to her friend Kimmy, and I’ve been following her blog ever since then.

On a happier note, Meg and her husband Mike have been blogging about their global travels since 2007! Similarly to North Nomad and I, she and her husband met and dated long distance for a year before getting married.

Barbara Vogelgesang

Barbara’s blog is pretty unique in the travel niche. Not many people can say they were part of a circus crew for years with their husband! For an insight into her travelling circus life, check out her blog post on her first Christmas as a married couple on the circus train.


Not Quite Nigella

When I said at the start of this post that I only read one blog for 8 years, it was Lorraine Elliot of Not Quite Nigella fame. Lorrraine blogs about her recipes, restaurant reviews, and food based travel.  I’ve even managed to successfully recreate her recipes in my own kitchen. Does anyone else follow recipes from people like Jamie Oliver and end up with it being a collosal failure?

Her best received recipe amongst my friends and family so far has been Bacon Jam. Obviously I can’t eat it, but both my father and brother in law are fans of this one. ?

Clean Bites

Mariana and Celina of Clean Bites had a cult following on facebook and Instagram for a couple of years before they even opened their blog. Their aim is to make healthy, tasty food, in good portions. They also make some smashing clean desserts to feast on that has contributed to their loyal fan base.

Mariana and Celina are two Australian girls whose parents both migrated from Uraguay to Australia, and have a passion for good food, travel, dancing and music. I was lucky enough to work with Maraiana (who is also a lawyer) for a few years at two different workplaces, so I can attest to her cooking skills and passion for clean eating!

Friday Night Cake Night

If you want decadent, delicious sweet treats, you need to check out Angie’s Friday Night Cake Night. I’ve told her before that her desserts make me rue being vegan. Just check out her Raspberry Coconut Cream Stuffed French Toast. I mean seriously, it’s ridiculously beautiful, and I can only imagine how it would smell and taste.

She Eats

I always have this belief that you put a bit of your personality into what you cook. If you’re a gorgeous, infectiously fun person like Kristen Gardner of She Eats is, you can understand why I dig her recipes so much. Her posts are always accompanied by beautiful photos, and she includes alcoholic drink creations, too, which is awesome! Here’s some Christmas food and drink for you to check out:  Cinnamon Apple Whiskey Sour and Wine Spiced Plum Preserves.

Cook Sophie Cook

Sophie’s recipes are mouthwatering. Each looks so tempting and tasty that I wasn’t sure which ones to share. The Ricotta Filled Zucchini Flowers with lemony lentils, and her Mango, Lime and Chili Icy Poles are my recent favourites!

Whilst not being a vegetarian, her recipes have a whole food, vegetarian focus. She’s even tried out being vegan for a couple of months and was impressed with the skills vegan and vegetarian chefs have of cooking without eggs and dairy.

The Foodie World

Greedy Girl and Gluttunous husband have a Melbourne (Australia) based food and travel blog. I love being able to read their Melbourne restaurant reviews and live vicariously through them. Melbourne was like a second home to me when I lived in Sydney, and I miss trying out all the new dining and drinking establishments in that part of Australia.

Greedy Girl and Gluttonous Husband have an upcoming European trip, and I’m looking forward to their blog posts on this trip.

Vegan Blogs

Vegan Food Quest

Caryl & Paul left England in 2014 to travel the world and show us the best vegan food. And boy, they do not disappoint at all! I follow their blog and chat with them on twitter on a regular basis, and they constantly have vegan fine dining dishes on display from areas including the Maldives, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. These guys know how to do food and travel, and they’ve proven that vegan travel and luxury are not mutually exclusive terms.

Morsels and Moonshine

Like cruelty free baking… and booze? Aileen of Morsels and Moonshine has you covered with her baking blog. Its focus is using natural ingredients and no animal based products.  If you want to see just how delicious vegan baking is, check out her hot chocolate sticks with bourbon and marshmallow. I promise, if you were scared of vegan baking, you’ll become a convert!

The Friendly Fig

Bianca and Sara bring a world of cruelty free goodies to the internet. These beautiful ladies and their lovely contributors host a bevvy of vegan recipes and resources.

They’re currently running #aveganholiday, where a large range of bloggers have come together to share vegan holiday posts for Christmas about gifts, recipes, and holiday season ideas. Check it out on their blog, also on Morsels and Moonshine blog, or on Twitter via the #aveganholiday hashtag.

World Wide Vegetarian

World Wide Vegetarian is a food and travel blog full of veggie, vegan and fluten free recipes.  And it’s full of general travel tips and stories, too. Katie is off to India on a student visa next year, so I’m looking forward to the new stories and food she’ll have from that part of the world. Check out her vegan chickpea pancakes. You seriously won’t believe there’s no eggs (or butter, hehehe) in them!

Wild Juggling

I met Chris Pert on Twitter and he is one fascinating guy. He’s an avid marathon runner, and a vegan. After a car accident, he started juggling while running as a way to rehabilitate his injuries. These days he’s an avid “joggler”. I couldn’t even run a marathon, let alone juggle the whole way through, so I’m constantly impressed with him.

He’s also one of the most intelligent, sensible vegans I know, which is refreshing in a niche of the internet where anti vaccination scare mongering runs rampant.

What blogs have you been reading this? Any favourite bloggers you can recommend in the comments? 

Welcome to the Travel Blog Tribe Blog Hop! And a $50 Amazon Giveaway ?

What’s a tribe? Its origin comes a 2008 Seth Godin book. It is a group of people creating their own movement. Blog tribes usually consist of people writing in the same niche, at different skill levels and tenure. They support each other and hold them accountable for their blog goals.

I love my travel blog tribe. We’re a group of women from all different walks of life, and we have a wonderful bond that goes beyond the support we give each other for our blogs.

Over the next two weeks the five bloggers that make up the Blog Love Travel Blog Tribe will be posting on their individual blogs. You will recognize a post by our blog hop image. Once they are all live, we will be adding a Rafflecopter to facilitate a $50 Amazon giveaway. EDIT: RAFFLECOPTER IS NOW LIVE! If you visit each of our five blogs and leave a comment on our blog hop post – easy and fun!

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Misadventures with Andi
North & South Nomads
Outback Expat
Best Blogs of 2014 - Travel Tribe Blog Hop



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44 thoughts on “Best Blogs of 2014

  1. Thanks so much for including us on your list. Honestly, it fills us with so much pride that you’ve enjoyed being part of our travels, much as if you’re standing on the pavement with us as we’re exploring cities – hunting for veggie food!

    We’d love for our paths to cross in 2015, it’d be our pleasure to share some tofu with you ?

    • They’re all pretty awesome! I need to do another one for the beginning of the year for the lifestyle blogs I read. I say lifestyle, but also fitness and health and mommy blogs, too. I read your blog, Farrah (Fairyburger) and Lou (mommy sanest) and didn’t have any categories to put you guys in on this post!

  2. I’m envious of these folks that travel the world and see things I only get to read about! My circumstances are such that this kind of travel would be near impossible, but it’s still nice to read and dream about it. Maybe one day…who knows… ?

    • Years ago I was in the same boat, particularly with a nasty car accident and chronic (well, the doctors called it benign, I called it chronic! ;)) positional vertigo. So you never know what the future holds. ?

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    • Thanks Esther! I just checked out your blog, it’s so beautiful and vibrant ? Did you and Jacob recently move to Vegas? It’s a beautiful part of America, I’ve been several times and I’m really curious what it would be like to live there as a local!

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  5. I find myself living through others interesting adventures, and blogs are just the way to do it! Can’t wait to check out some of these bloggers!

  6. What an amazing list you have created. I love that you have a different variety! I will def have to check some of these out, most of them I have never heard of!

  7. Now I am going to have to go back and check out these blogs! There are some that sound very interesting! Thanks for the post.

  8. Wow. Thanks for mentioning our blog guys! Unfortunately the link to our site doesn’t work (doh!) Hah, definitely the thought that counts though. I’ve just been reading your mailout and it made me realise I haven’t visited your site in ages. None of your posts were coming up on my news feed program so I assumed you hadn’t been updating! Have a good 2015!

    • Gah! I will fix this ASAP for you guys, Dan. How was your Christmas? I’ve been slack in looking at my RSS feed as we’ve been on the road (again) the past month or so, so I’ll have to catch up on your posts now we’re settled back in Chiang Mai. When is the big move date for you two?

      • We’re heading to Melbourne in the middle of March. Haven’t even organised anything except the flights. Eek. W’re leaving Wellington at the end of this month though to travel around New Zealand so we’re almost in full on travel mode. We’re probably going to drop off the radar for a while!

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