Beach Burrito Company Darlinghurst

Beach Burrito Company Darlinghurst - Review by North & South Nomads

Beach Burrito Company Darlinghurst

Want to know the secret to giving an American a heart attack?

Tell them the best Mexican you’ve ever had was in Australia.

This exchange provided me with ongoing amusement when we lived in Canada and America.

The sheer disbelief; their shaking heads, their raised eyebrows, their dropped jaws. The initial silence, then the protests.

I made sure I always followed it up by explaining that Californian guys were still responsible for this dream Aussie Tex Mex. When I said this, you’d see a bit of calm and normality return.

Still, it always gave me a giggle busting that out in America. Probably like telling an English person the best fish and chips you ever had was in Tanzania.

Next time we’re back in the United States, I’m going to start saying the best Mexican I’ve ever had was in Thailand. I cannot WAIT to see the reactions to that one! 😉

In any event, the best Aussie Tex Mex is definitely from the Beach Burrito Co guys. We crave this stuff, and talk about it for months before visiting Australia!

Beach Burrito Company Darlinghurst - Review by North & South Nomads

Originally called Bondi Beach Burrito, North Nomad and I used to eat here when we first started dating back in 2010. It was on the same street his house was on, facing North Bondi beach. Despite their insistence on putting avocado on everything when we’d always specifically ask for no avocado, BBC became a Sunday evening ritual for us.

On this occasion, we’re determined to cram in some Tex Mex before staying with my family out in the rural side of the Blue Mountains. Definitely no BBC or Tex Mex out there!

We’re there early around 11am because we have a drive to Wollongong ahead of us. Because it’s closer to breakfast, we have the entire restaurant to ourselves – not something we’ve ever experienced at the popular BBC chain.

Beach Burrito Company Darlinghurst - Review by North & South Nomads

And having had BBC cravings for over a year, we both order our favourites: North Nomad orders the large chilli nachos with pulled, seasoned beef and chipotle chicken. I order the slow roasted veggie and tofu burrito bowl.  We also order the chips and salsa, sans guac (we both hate avocado) to share. As it’s 11AM, no margaritas for me this time – we both get cokes.

The chips and salsa arrive. I’ll be frank. This “shared” business is a bit of a farce. I’m a demon with chips and salsa. Imagine a Labrador with a chocolate cake, and you’ve got me with this starter. I have no off switch and am at risk of eating the entire portion.

Beach Burrito Company Darlinghurst - Review by North & South Nomads

And this is why I usually choose the salad when I’m at BBC. I also love their tacos, chimichangas, and burritos, but I need chips and salsa space! That being said, their salads are ENORMOUS, and incredibly satisfying. The tofu is perfectly seasoned and cooked, and the layers of different salsa perfectly complement the roasted vegetables. I can’t get enough of this stuff, and break off crispy parts of the bowl to scoop up the remnants of the salsa.

Beach Burrito Company Darlinghurst - Review by North & South Nomads

North Nomad also devours his nachos. He has, however, regret over ordering the large. Being in Thailand for two months means we’ve been having tiny Thai portions of everything. With ordering the large, and the beef AND the chicken on top, he can barely eat half of it! He was still completely enamoured with this dish, and it was as delicious as he remembered it to be.

Beach Burrito Company Darlinghurst - Review by North & South Nomads

Bellies full, we hit the road for the long drive from the city to Wollongong. I’m counting down the days til I can have BBC again!


Locations: Chain restaurant across Australia, but we visited the Darlinghurst restaurant at 346 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst 2010.

Darlinghurst Opening Hours:  MONDAY-SATURDAY 11:00am-11:00pm SUNDAY 11:00am-10pm

Cost: Chips & Salsa $7.95, Large Beef & Chicken Nachos $18.95,  Tofu & Veggie Burrito Bowl $16.95

Contact details: ph:(02)9357 5275 e:

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  1. hahahaha, I can totally see how that’d raise all sorts of protest! But yay California! I’d love to try this place out someday! Those pictures look gorgeous + delicious! <3

    • It always gives me such a giggle saying it. The shocked faces in response are hilarious! You can almost see colour come back into people’s faces when I explain that the founders are Californians. LOL 😉

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