The Alexandra Hotel Leura

The Alexandra Hotel Leura 

The Alexandra Hotel Leura

Sometimes you just want a juicy burger after a long bushwalk.

That’s more on the scale of North Nomad’s wants/needs, not mine.

But I agree on the need for a hearty meal after a lot of physical activity in cold weather.

Built in 1903 and named after King Edward VII’s wife, the Alexandra Hotel was the place to go out drinking and listening to music in the Blue Mountains when we were in our late teens.

I’m not quite sure if it still fits in this category, but it’s perfectly located for a hearty meal after a long bushwalk in the cold Blue Mountains weather.

On this occasion, North Nomad and I had been on an adventure cave tour at Jenolan Caves, and were in desperate need for some food before we went back home to Kurrajong. We were starving.

As always, I’m a little apprehensive about what sort of food I can get at a pub.

It’s easy for North Nomad – pub fare is the food of his people: ribs, burgers, steak sandwiches, fish and chips – he’s well looked after. Me, on the other hand, can be stuck with fries and/or a garden salad, with vinaigrette as an afterthought.

North Nomad, as predicted, had an array of his favourite foods to choose from: steaks, fish burger, Mexican chicken burger, chicken Caesar wrap, and nachos.

For those who prefer something a little daintier or fancier, there’s the macadamia and rosemary crusted lamb rump, the salmon teriyaki fillet with salsa and wasabi mayonnaise, and the honey-baked pumpkin risotto.

The Alexandra Hotel Leura

But he settled on his regular favourite, the bacon cheeseburger, with chips.

And he’s not disappointed. The burger is generously filled, but not so large as to be silly (as we experienced in America). The toppings were fresh, and the chips were hot and crispy.

I ordered the grilled vegetable stack, with focaccia. It’s arranged burger style and packed with salad and grilled veggies.

In keeping with the Australian burger style it has shredded lettuce, tomato slices, and beetroot. The veggies are grilled Portobello mushroom, eggplant slices, and sweet potato.The vegetables are hot, yet still crispy, and the crunch is nice against the fresh salad.

The Alexandra Hotel Leura

My chips taste as good as they look, and I scoff every single one. We’d done a lot of exercise; I was hungry!

We polish off our meals and finish up our visit to The Alex with a couple of drinks. It’s the perfect reward after a physically challenging day.

Aside from the restaurant and pub, the Hotel has 22 bedrooms and is the only licensed hotel in Leura. If you are like me and prefer your bathroom privacy, be aware that there are three shared bathrooms here for the bedrooms.

Location: 62 Great Western Highway, Leura NSW 2780

Contact Details: 02 4782 4422


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