About the Blog

We write about our travel across the hemispheres, covering:

  • Outdoor adventures — island vacations, caving, bush and forest hikes, lakes and the ocean;
  • Urban adventures — exhibitions, museums and cultural experiences; and
  • Food and drink adventures —  ranging from vegan cafes to foodcarts to steakhouses, brewery and distillery tours to cocktail bars.

We also post airline and hotel reviews.

The blog is updated with travel posts every Monday, Australian time, and food, drink, or restaurants posts every Wednesday, Australian time.



4 thoughts on “About the Blog

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  2. You two sound like a lot of fun. Check out our website showing our easy method for making tempeh and you will be introduced to two tempeh pioneers from the mid 80’s.
    If you ever travel to Ventura county CA. let us know and stop by and say hello. We usually have fresh tempeh on hand for a nice tempeh panini that we introduce new people to and they fall in love with tempeh i.e. love at first sight!
    betsy shipley

    • I’ll be sure to check out your site, Besty. You know, I’m only a very recent convert to tempeh! I was so scared it would taste too much like meat (like seitan, which makes me feel sick on the stomach). But a girlfriend in Orange County convinced me and now I’m a fan. 🙂

      We haven’t been to Ventura County yet, but our next trip to California is planned for this Summer, so I’ll definitely pop by if we’re in the area!

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