A Vegan Easter Gift Guide

A Vegan Easter Gift Guide by North & South Nomads

A Vegan Easter Gift Guide

When you’re a small child, Easter is just as exciting as Christmas.

As mentioned in our post on the Grace Cathedral, I’m an undercover Catholic! Growing up as a kid, my mother would always try and impress on my sister and I that Easter was far more important than Christmas.

Being the rubbish Catholic that I am, all I can tell you is that it has something to do with Jesus dying for our sins. If you need any more than that, you’ll probably be better off Googling it. 😉

As important as it was to our family, really, you can’t get past the loads of chocolate you want/hope to receive as a child. This tradition wanes as we age, and chocolate giving in our family moved on to books and skincare as we turned into teens.

If you’re the presents at Easter or Passover type, you might not be aware that vegan chocolate is a) even a thing, and b) DELICIOUS!

If you have a vegan in your life and want to buy them (or me, hehe) an Easter gift, here’s a few gifts that we really like the look of.

Vegan Chocolate

Chocolate Truffles  – Booja Booja

Booja Booja Chocolate Truffles - A Vegan Easter Gift Guide by North & South Nomads

Everyone needs a little Booja Booja now and then. Yup, when they look like this, we’d have to agree. Located in the United Kingdom, Booja Booja makes dairy, soy, and gluten free chocolate truffles and ice cream alternatives, using minimal, and organic, ingredients. These high quality truffles are perfect for a special occasion.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates

To me, these are heaven – two of my favourite things in one sweet, yet, salty treat.  For the dairy consumers, there’s a milk chocolate version. For the vegan in your life, there’s the vegan dark chocolate version.

Easter Basket – Vegan Premium Chocolatiers

Vegan Premium Chocolatiers - Easter Basket - A Vegan Easter Gift Guide by North & South Nomads

A dairy free milk bunny, creamy egg and dairy free eggs, and nut free chocolates. These look so tasty I wish I’d put in my Easter order already!

Have a range of dietary needs you need to cater to with your chocolate buying? Premium Chocolatiers makes chocolate and candy for people who are milk free, dairy free, peanut free, tree nut free, gluten free, and egg free.

Easter Gift Packs – Pana Chocolate

The Easter gift pack comes with four bars of vegan, chocolate luxury: Coconut & Goji, Mint, Fig & Wild Orange and Sour Cherry & Vanilla.

I love this company for their transparency around how they make their chocolates, and also around how they are officially certified organic in Australia. With the frequency that the word “organic” gets thrown around, it’s reassuring having a company explain its processes.

Easter Bunnies – Sweet William

Sweet William Easter Range - A Vegan Easter Gift Guide by North & South Nomads



Sweet William is an old favourite of mine; easy to find in Australian grocery stores likes Coles and Woolies. My lovely boss in the public service used to get this for me at Christmas time. She never batted an eyelid at my unusual dietary requirements – probably because she once told me a story about an employee bringing a sheep into the office. As you do…

Vegan Alcohol

Because what’s Easter with a little indulgence after Lent time? I say add some sparkles to those chocolates!

Moet, one of the most iconic champagne brands, is vegan friendly. Many wine and champagne producers still use fish bladders and eggs in their refining process. If Moet doesn’t think it’s necessary, I don’t think it’s necessary. Bolli, I’m looking at you – you used to be my favourite and now I can’t drink you anymore.

Vegan Gift Guide - Hillbilly Cider

In Australia, I really enjoy cider to replace sparkling wine on special occasions. I’m yet to come across a vegan unfriendly Aussie cider yet. My favourite in Australia is a local cider near my family’s house – Hillbilly Blue Mountains Apple & Pear Cider. It’s made 100% from apples and pears, with no added flavours or sugars, and it’s naturally fermented in Bilpin. In the 2014 Australian cider awards in October, Hillbilly Pear cider won ‘best in class’ and the Hillbilly apple won a silver medal.

But be careful with your Irish ciders, more often than not are processed with animal by-products.

And if Sparkles aren’t your thing, there are some lovely vegan friendly beers: Asahi, Saporro, Heineken, Coronas (don’t laugh, they are very refreshing when it hits a low of 28 in Winter where you live!), and in Australia specifically – James Boags, Little Creatures, and Coopers.

Vegan Skincare


When you live in provincial Northern Thailand, there are certain Western world luxuries (or even Bangkok luxuries) that you miss out on. Lush is one of the brands we will be stocking up on during our next “big city” trips!

They’re probably the most well-known animal friendly, anti-cruelty skincare store in the world. Whilst not all of their products are vegan,83% of their products are! The instore workers are all very knowledgeable and can tell you which products are vegan and which aren’t, and you can filter your online searches easilty for vegan products.

They always have endearing holiday themed products, and Easter is no different. This season, there’s the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar, the Pot O’ Gold Shower Jelly, and the Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb. 

Lush - A Vegan Easter Gift Guide by North & South Nomads

What goodies are you going to give or receive this Easter/Passover?

NB: Some of these companies listed are entirely vegan, ie: vegan products, vegan owned, and no affiliation with any other companies who are not vegan (e.g. Pana Chocolate). Others are partially vegan, partially vegetarian (like Lush). Some are owned by parent companies who own other companies that produce animal products (e.g. Moet). It’s up to each individual to do their research and come to an informed conclusion about what is ethically acceptable to them. Personally, I will buy vegan products from companies that are owned by companies who are not vegan – if their vegan companies and products do well, it encourages growth in vegan products becoming more available and widespread. And as the ladies at The Power Plant put it, “Would you stop buying vegan products at Coles because they also sell meat?” 

6 thoughts on “A Vegan Easter Gift Guide

    • Thanks Lorraine! 😀 Is your brother in law still doing raw veganism? I have a vague recollection of you mentioning that on your blog one day. I do really enjoy raw vegan meals, but I would miss cooked goodies way too much.

  1. I looooove vegan chocolate. So delicious! There’s a pretty big raw/vegan culture here in Vancouver so it’s not hard to come by. Which is both good and dangerous 😉

  2. What a great gift guide – thank you! We have recently turned vegetarian and are trying to eat vegan regularly too – so we love to find any new resources that can help up on our new vegetarian / vegan adventure!

    • Thanks for checking out our post, Karianne! It’s great to hear you guys have made the transition. The vegan move can be a little bit tricky at first, it takes a bit of getting used to because there is just a bit to remember!

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