5 Horror Movies That Make You Want To Travel

5 Horror Movies That Make You Want To Travel - by North & South Nomads

5 Horror Movies That Make You Want To Travel

Horror movies have some of the most beautiful scenery in cinema.

Perhaps a beautiful setting is the perfect contrast for the terrifying, the bleak, and the ugly.

This list is a mix of really good movies and really terrible movies, so perhaps the inspiring scenery can also detract from a horrific script and terrible acting skills!

In no particular order, here is a list of movies where the scenery has made me want to travel:

  1. Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is a movie set in the gorgeous red dust and beautiful sunsets of the Australian outback. It’s also a movie based on the torture and murder of seven backpackers by Ivan Milat, and the murder of Peter Falconio.

And just to make it slightly more horrific for Australian viewers – John Jarrat, who plays the murderer, was an entertainer on Play School – a children’s TV show that we all grew up watching.

Wolf Creek is one of the most violent and sadistic movies I’ve seen. But I do really want to see Wolf Creek National Park, which contains a giant crater formed by a 50,000-ton meteorite. The backpackers in the movie check this out hours before their kidnap.

Australia has a thing for churning out good horror movies. See, also: The Loved Ones, Snowtown Murders,  Rogue and Picnic At Hanging Rock. I could easily have written this post solely on Ausrtalian horror movies.

  1. Interview With the Vampire

In Anne Rice’s debut novel, Louis, a 200 year old vampire, tells his story to an interviewer. His life with Lestat, his maker, and Claudia, a child he turned into a vampire, spans the old American world, the European world, and the modern American world.

The most striking scenery in this is the swamps, ceremonies, and plantations in Louisiana. Since the movie, Lafayette Cemetery No1 and Oak Alley Plantation have become tourist attractions, and New Orleans sells a vampire tour on every corner.

  1. Killer Mermaid

Killer Mermaid (also titled Nymph and Mamula) is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of horror movie tripe on Netflix, trust me. It’s not even gaudy enough to be amusing, like Sharknado. It can’t quite decide if it’s soft core pornography, a travel feature, a mid 90s Eastern European dance music video, or a horror movie. It narrowly wins the horror movie category, featuring an ex-German soldier living on the island killing people to feed to a mermaid.

It’s filmed in the Adriatic Sea, which seems to be one of the most beautiful parts of the Meditteranea. The island, Mamula, that Killer Mermaids is filmed on, has a dark history. During World War II, the fascist forces of Benito Mussolini’s Kingdom of Italy converted the Mamula fort into a concentration camp, known for torture and cruelty to prisoners.

Not being particularly frightened of killer mermaids, this movie turned out to be a better tourism spiel for me than a horror movie. Now I’ve got Boka Kotorska bay, where Mamula is located, as a bucket list destination.

  1. Troll Hunter

Whilst Killer Mermaid is one of the worst horror movies I’ve seen thanks to Netflix, Troll Hunter is one of the best.

I had low expectactions of this movie, and I was blown about by the stunning Norwegian landscape, the realistic acting, and the terrifying trolls. Production took place in the forests and mountains of Western Norway. Whilst Mike Hale of the New York Times said Troll Hunter features “more traveling shots through car windows of the fjord-land scenery than are absolutely necessary”, if you’re a travel lover or blogger, this is a wonderful addition to the film.

  1. 30 Days of Night

Before I’d moved to Canada, there was something intoxicating about the idea of a towns enveloped in snow. A year of experiencing 9 months of winter and 6 months of slow later, and I have to admit, it was a *little* less enticing.

30 Days of Night features an Alaskan town overrun by vampires as it enters into a thirty-day long polar night. Even though Barrow, Alaska is a real place, the movie was actually filmed in New Zealand. Thankfully, the town does not really have an entire month of no sun, but it does experience a 6 -day period during the winter where the sun never quite makes it over the horizon.

What’s your favourite horror movie? Have any movies made you want to travel?


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