Diving with Manta Rays in Bora Bora

  “That suit, it is… sexy.” The French guy gives me a look up and down, and an approving nod. Right now, I’m struggling to understand why French people get such a bad rap. “Sexy for ze sharks!” laughs his older colleague.  Apparently he thinks my stylish, pink-purple Roxy wetsuit is going to be good […]

Banh Mi Boys – Toronto, Canada

    Vietnamese pork rolls are a thing of legend in Australia. Known as banh mi, these rolls were traditionally available in pan-Asian areas like Chinatown, Ashfield, and Liverpool. The “trendier” foodie areas of Sydney have dug their claws into the craze, with banh mi sightings in Newtown and Marrickville. Banh mi means “bread” in […]

Recipe Wednesday: Purple Yam, Sweet Potato & Spinach Lasagne

Purple food either scares people away or entices them. Don’t let the colour scare you in the case of this yam. Its fierce colour belies its gentle flavour  – it’s like a more mellow version of a sweet potato. The purple yam (also called purple sweet potato in North America) comes from the tropical parts […]

Road Trip Through The Rockies

One of the most bizarre sensations is standing outside your car in 30 degree heat, getting a sunburn, and seeing snow topped mountains ahead of you. It wasn’t the sheer size of The Rockies, or the dramatic difference in landscape every few hours, that stayed with me the most about our road trip. It was the […]

Hurrier – Toronto, Canada

  Since when did bike couriers become attractive? My comment to North Nomad after my first Hurrier experience. I think this company only hires good looking hipster dudes. My comment to North Nomad after my second Hurrier experience. Hurrier delivers anything you want in downtown Toronto. But it seems the start-up’s main focus so far […]

Recipe Wednesday: Quinoa Broccoli Bake

How can something so delicious be so good for you? This quinoa and broccoli bake is easy to make, tasty, and oh-so-good for you. Not everyone loves quinoa as much as me, though. North Nomad thinks boiling quinoa is the worst smell on Earth. My cousin Mark shares this sentiment. These guys don’t know what […]

The Creation Museum – Kentucky, United States of America

  There are several branches of creationist belief, but their core, common belief is that the world was created by a divine God. Young Earth Creationists believe that the world was created by God over six days, as described in the Bible. This leaves little room for belief in evolution, or science generally. Old Earth […]

Review: The Hilton – Sydney, Australia

  Sydney’s Hilton underwent a dramatic and expensive refurb back in 2001. Prior to its revitalisation, the Hilton was looking tired and dated. The 70s glamour had worn off, and it was no longer considered one of the premier places to stay in Sydney’s CBD. The renovations restored the Hilton’s former shine, giving it a […]

Recipe Wednesday: Tofu Mayonnaise and Sour Cream

I have this thing I refer to as “vegan lies”. It’s when vegans tell you that a dairy or meat substitute tastes EXACTLY like the thing it’s replacing. But in reality, it tastes nothing like it. The vegan lie that infuriates me the most is about avocados in dessert. You know what chocolate mousse made […]