Pravda Vodka Bar, C’est What, & Houston Avenue Bar and Grill – Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s nightlife and drinking culture is very different to Australia’s culture. Firstly, there’s the sport. Huge and numerous television screens adorn most bars in Toronto – even in higher end bars and nightclubs. If you’re not interested in watching the baseball, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, or even soccer, you need to plan where you’re going so […]

Recipe Wednesday: Chickpea Sandwiches

My Canadian friends and family are always amused (and a little bemused) by Australian sayings. What they call Bungee Cords in Canada, we call Occy Straps in Australia. Sweatpants are tracky-dacks. Sandals are thongs. And if you call your sandals thongs in Canada, you’ll make someone blush. A sandwich to an Aussie is a sanger (to […]

On the road again – Toronto to California to the Rockies

  Our last trip to the States was disastrous. Fun, but still disastrous. My handbag was stolen in Las Vegas. This was not just a mild inconvenience. It’s a huge inconvenience, worry, panic and money-suck when that handbag contains: yours and your husbands passports; your work visa for the country you live in; your house keys […]

P&L Burger, Toronto, Canada

  Most people have fears that are very normal and rational: heights, sharks, spiders, snakes, enclosed spaces, large crowds. Everyone can understand how these things can be frightening. Me, on the other hand… not such normal fears. My primary fears are: clowns, monsters living at the bottom of apartment block rubbish chutes, getting caught in […]

Recipe Wednesday: North Nomad’s Pepperoni Pizza Scrolls

  One of North Nomad’s daily conversations with me is about the stuff he reads on Reddit. From what I understand from my girlfriends, Reddit is also a popular discussion piece with their male companions. The only difference between the males seems to be their hobbies – some discuss cycling on Reddit, some discuss Bitcoin on Reddit […]

Air Tahiti & Air Tahiti Nui Economy Flights Review

    Class, Seating and Tahiti Airport Our destination this time is Bora Bora. Tough life, yes? Getting to Bora Bora from Auckland, New Zealand, is a two-leg journey. It requires a flight on Air Tahiti Nui to Tahiti, then another flight on Air Tahiti to Bora Bora.  The Air Tahiti Nui flight TN102 is […]