The Beet Organic Cafe at the Junction – Toronto, Canada

My main lament eating in Toronto is not a lack of vegan and vegetarian food. There are numerous vegetarian, vegan and raw health food cafes in Toronto, like Fresh on Spadina. But for some reason, trying to find a place that does a substantial, delicious and healthy vegan meal alongside some ribs or a beef burger […]

Lake Lyell and Lyell Dam – Lithgow, Australia

Summers in Australia can be brutal. In 2013 and 2014, temperatures soared close to 50 degrees Celcius/120 degrees Farenheit. Meanwhile in Canada and America, we were clutched by the icy fingers  of the polar vortex. The Nomads used to live on the beaches in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, with North Nomad living right on Australia’s most […]

Recipe Wednesday: Home Made Vegetable Stock

Two things I am obsessed with when it comes to food and cooking are: i) preventing waste, and ii) making things from scratch to prevent unhealthy additives and preservatives sneaking into your food. This recipe appeals to both of my cooking obsessions. When you buy things even as simple as cubed vegetable stock, you notice […]